View playback not working

I have the same issue, it is very annoying…

I’ve been paying for Cam Plus Lite and playback still does not work…

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The Playback Feature, found at the bottom of the Live Stream page of a cam, is only for viewing videos recorded to and saved on the microSD card in the cam.

MicroSD Card recording is not connected to your subscription status in any way (unless you are referring to a Wyze Cam Outdoor, which operates a little different).

The Event Videos, however, which are uploaded to the cloud and viewable in the Events Tab, should be 12s videos with Cam Plus Lite.

Which of these were you having issues with?

HI @SlabSlayer,
The Playback feature.
I’ve been dealing with support and they gave me a list of items to verify.
Everything is up to date and as suggested by support, I unsubscribed from Cam Plus Lite and reactivated.
Pics attached of issue.
At times, when I hit the back button to go to another recording time, it always goes to December 30, 2022.

About a year ago when you started the free trial on your cams after that trial, if you did not subscribe the event playback was no longer the same. I purchased one of your cameras and found this out what I wanted to do was to replace all nine of my existing cams with new ones, the latest model, but I don’t want the service so it makes these new cams very difficult for playback of an event. I am so disappointed that if there’s no way we can resolve this. I will simply have to move on to EUFY CAMS. I feel like you’re penalizing people to take choose not to have the cam service. Please tell me your thoughts.

That screen is your SD card, local stored footage. Your SD card footage is a different function and is independent of your cloud recording aka your cam plus recordings…

From the looks of the timeline your micro SD card recording is set to events only. This can be changed to continuous recording or disabled from the cameras advanced settings menu. Are you talking about the left and right little arrows on either side of the timeline? Those are the previous and next event buttons to help navigate the event only SD card footage, like it appears you have. Are you saying when you hit the left, previous event button, it sends you to December? Is there footage that is showing you from December?

The transmit speed is 0.0. your cam or your phone is loosing network connectivity and the P2P stream between the two is stalling.

The app will act super crazy when it can’t connect to the SD Card on the cam, like going to the wrong date when the event navigation buttons are pressed.

Your Cams Plus Lite subscription has absolutely no bearing on SD Card recording or playing. They are completely unrelated.

The cam most likely needs to be closer to the router or you need a WiFi network upgrade.

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This is a user to user forum. You aren’t going to see much from Wyze Team members here unless they are trying to resolve an issue that has been escalated. There are Community Volunteers here, like me, who are Wyze users.

Cloud Services are limited without a Cam Plus Subscription. These are the Event upload videos found in the Events Tab and include the notifications you get from those events. The Cam Plus Trial is specifically designed to give you an introduction to those services so that you can experience first hand that which you will be missing if you choose to not subscribe.

SD Card recording, however, is in no way restricted by your subscription or lack thereof. You should be able to record these and view them without any issues.

Whenever I load my cameras, it takes a split second before the KB/s appears normal. Really, it is instantaneous.
The 0.0 happens when I try to playback.

You’ve mentioned before that the subscription has no bearing, I get that, I was just advising that this is what the Support team had me try.

I live in a Condo and the camera is near the router. Network speed is not the issue.

Yea, I understand that the SD card is local storage.

Correct, I have events only. I see this as having not bearing on how Playback works but I will change to continuous to give that a shot.
I’ll wipe my SD card and eject/reformat/etc when I get home to try that again.

Yes, the backward/forward in the playback feature lol. I get that it takes me to the previous event in playback with is the sd footage and yes, previous to me purchasing Cam Plus yesterday, it would send me to December 30 when I hit the Backward.

Everyone keeps saying that the subscription has no bearing on this feature but the fact that it started at least showing the events since I’ve purchased Cam Plus, tells me something is connected.

I do have footage from Dec 30 that plays.

Just an odd situation.

Based on SlabSlayer’s reply, I can’t picture everyone with this issue having a bad network.

Thanks for the reply.

What cam model is this and what firmware and app version is installed?

Wyze Cam v3
2.40.0 (15)

It does suggest a strong correlation. If I get the opportunity this weekend, I may run a static test of a V3 cam under all three subscription services to see if I can duplicate the issue. However my cams are on

Are you using a “high endurance” microSD card leaving

Local playback does not work. It worked great a year ago, and it stopped working 3 - 6 months ago.

Wyze pushes updates so often that I assumed they broke something and would realize it and fix it, but it’s only degraded more.

I have a lot of cameras. It is not a network performance issue… I can stream to 6 tvs simultaneously while I conduct video business meetings at any location in the house with zero glitches.

If I unplug all the Fire TVs, playback still doesn’t work, not even on the camera that is clear line of site 8 feet from the router.

Local playback is broken. It does not work.

The cameras and the App have been great for many years, but I’m looking for an alternate solution.

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I’m having issues with v2 and v3. Cam Plus and SD. Absolutely no playback reliability. Format card…turn on/off event recording, notifications, reboot everything. I have 6 cameras…this is unacceptable.

Hi Kate did you ever get an answer to this. I have 6 cameras w high endurance SD cards and playback on ALL is now just a week or two max. It’s so odd. I think Wyze changed something

What does this mean? I am using 256GB cards continuous recording and have no issues with playback from the V3 cams or the V3 Pro. @KateH

If you want too Play, Ya Gotta Pay…!! CamPlus Plan for each Cam you want to play, that’s your Your Own “SD Content” Even…,! It’s the Wyze Way…! :roll_eyes::grimacing::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Cam Plus and cam plus lite have nothing to do with playback from the SD in the cam.