View playback not working

I have 256GB High Endurance SD Cards in 27 cams recording HD quality 24\7 continuous.

The time period an SD Card will hold will be affected by the SD Recording Settings (Continuous vs Event), the Video Quality (SD Quality generally doubles the time period a card can hold), the amount of time the cam is in IR Night Vision (uses a different amount of disk space than color vision), and the amount of other files, like Time Lapse Video, logs, etc., that is being saved to the card. The cam will not overwrite those files, only the video files in the “Record” folder.

On average, my cams get:

  • V3: about 23 days
  • V3Pro (2K video): about 28 days
  • OG: about 25 days
  • PanV3: about 20 days
  • Floodlight Pro (2.5K QHD): about 16 days

I had been using with SD for months and was able to view months of history. Suddenly all of the past history beyond 2 weeks across all the 6 SDs only show 2 weeks and beyond that says no information available. It’s odd. I see many mentions of this across the forum. Contacted Wyze and hopefully that will provide some insight. All cameras set to continuous.

Two months of continuous SD Quality video on a 256GB card is a stretch for any Wyze Cam, unless you are using cards larger than 256GB.

There have been many issues with the App showing the “No video at the current time” message. However, it is my impression that this an App connectivity issue caused by a degradation of the data transfer between the app and the cam. The App isn’t getting the data it needs from the cam to build the Playback UI. I’m thinking this is an App issue that Wyze needs to fix.

I get that occasionally as well when going back in time on the cards. But, it usually resolves with multiple attempts.

The real test of how far back the cam has recorded is to pull the card and read it externally to determine the oldest date folder on the card.

View Playback”, as the Topic title indicates, is a microSD Card Recorded Video function. It is not, nor has it ever been, restricted by or dependant on subscription status. All cams that have the ability to record directly to the microSD Card in the cam are accessible to all Wyze Cam users regardless of any subscription on the cam.

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Yeah I’m having same problem my video recording is on I have rebooted my cam and ejected my SD card so is the benefits of having a subscription if video playback not working

I’m in the same situation. Still not working here either and I have 3 subscriptions and only 1 working. Seems a complete waste of money.

And there is absolutely NO CONSISTENCY. On the cameras I don’t have a subscription, I have longer length recordings, sometimes playback works and sometimes it doesn’t, on the same cameras.

WYZE was a lot better quality a few years ago. As price increases, quality and consistency shouldn’t be decreasing. Deterioration of your product will not retain customers.

same issue now for a while, extremely frustrated, reaaly considering to ditch this system, it irritates us to see all those adds instigating you to buy their services my screen is littered with all of them i can hardly see the videos, now i cant playback from my sd card!! it will not playback it goes 1 minute on then reloads,and reloads, and reloads and nothing!! so sad. WYZE YOU ARE FIRED!!

Yeah I don’t know if this plus subscription is worth while it doesn’t have playback no video at this time it only does events with a 20 sec and it never does it at night… during the day it alerts,but not at night druring late hours that’s most important for me rather then daytime and I have the SDCARD that’s recommended from wyze…

I’m going to cancel I think it doesn’t do a great job.

Also video playback if I got backwards in time it shows up has December 1969 WTF is that …

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I am thinking the same thing. Its got to be something that Wyze is doing. I have several diffferent types and versions of cameras, on several networks, at several locations with several different internet providers. All are the same. Live video is fine, SD card records, I go to play back, it starts, plays for a while, then freezes. So I can’t record for download, any play back. What the helll!!! This is the very purpose I bought these cameras. The first year or so, no problem, for the last 6 months or so, never works.

Seeing much the same, at two different locations. It’s not a bug any longer–it’s a feature. Looking into alternatives while we speak. It seems their business model has gone from “cheap, and it works”, to, “cheap, it doesn’t work as they try to find other ways to milk the consumer, by bringing in their Cam Plus to get a disposable trail, and cheap vacuums, lights etc…”. I think this company has reached its apogee, and the trail ahead is looking all downwards now.

I just canceled my subscription with Wyze it’s no use if it can’t do the monitoring properly