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My 3 cams working again today so far. This has been in beta since when, last October? That’s a while to have something in beta, and honestly see no changes for better or worse on this in the last 3 months. Like they have done nothing new. No announcements where they have bug fixes. I have the hunch this is gonna stay where it’s at, and will be in perpetual static beta for those who want to use it. We have all told Wyze about the many bugs over the months. I’m grateful Wyze is at least doing this, but now it’s time to see some bug fixes. Shouldn’t have to keep refreshing to keep cameras going and then constantly check how many buses or chimneys in the Captcha. Can’t pause an event, or move it ahead or behind a little, if you miss what you’re looking for, you have to wait for it to finish to start again. Needs controls. And when you do choose Events from the Web View, you have to sign in again, and go thru all that. I tried having Live and Events on 2 separate windows, only sometimes works, usually have to re-log in to one or the other. Definitely not ready for prime time. Would be nice if Tiny Cam came out with a browser version, as you can also add other brand cameras you may have.

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@dannykewl I agree with all of your suggestions. and that it would be so nice to have more. Having said that, I am not sure how many other cams have the capability/functionality for the purchase & services prices. Some but perhaps not many…

I expect that they have limited resources and may also be working on what interests the owners and employees as well as us!!

After I retired, I consulted with a huge tech company & smaller techsurvey company for awhile, They always had a very long list of functionality they and others wanted added, …
… but then the smaller techsurvey company only had 1 designer and 2 programmers; and the huge tech company had a myriad of ‘management’ and a myriad of priorities by ‘executives’. Glad to be retired!! and just providing input!

I have Alexa installed on Windows 10 but do not have access to any cameras. I do have live access on my Android cell phone when using Alexa. What version of Alexa for PC do you have installed?

The ability to view Wyze cameras in the Alexa app for Windows was removed.

That would have been nice.
When was this removed?

Honestly, it wasn’t that long after I mentioned it was working last year. Seems like it only worked for a few weeks, and then the functionality was taken away.


Just download the wyze skills App to your Alexa. Thats how I see my cams on Alexa.

Hi, I just started to use the Wyze camera, and web view option. So far it is good. But only one thing is bothering me. Every time it is asking security code to get by text to enter. Is there any option to do this one time and mark the computer as a “remember device” to not get code every time?


I see on Alexa on my phone but not on my Windows 10 PC.
Are you seeing you Wyze Cams on a PC.

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No Wyze cameras on Alexa for PC. Is this going to get fixed?

Thanks for the recommendation. Now I can create multiple instances of the Live View (sudo application (basically multiple Edge tabs) and have the Events in one, a group in one and a second group in the other, all running at the same time. Just remember to start the “EVENTS” view first, because it will reset the other instances by “redirect to login”.


This is the first good reason I’ve had to think about using Edge :slight_smile:

I think Wyze would do well to leverage feature like this, and also to look at the Ring web interface - which I like. Zmodo is not bad either. Not sure why Wyze has to develop everything from scratch and not have enough resources to get it done fast, and right.

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Don’t know why Wyze don’t let the feeds go thru your private network first, where you can monitor your cams locally on your network, and then feed it to their AWS servers. That way at least a more stable connection locally. This is how other security cams do it. I believe Wyze goes straight to the cloud, bypassing any local network options allowing you to even see the streams remotely by using a service like Dyndyns.

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So not leveraging the good ideas that other companies have implemented is crazy - reinventing the wheel seems pointless. But hopefully their SW will catch up to HW quality. It’s crazy that the App, and Webview need so much work, yet there are great examples that could have been used.

They do. That’s what they have always done.

They don’t do that for live feeds. Only for event recording.

They do not.

Dynamic DNS is irrelevant. Remote connectivity is established through P2P firewall puncturing. The cameras don’t present any open ports. If you want that sort of thing Wyze has a separate RTSP firmware option.

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Wait, you mean customer service actually wants to blame the user first, second, third and waste potentially hours of time before they even consider the problem to be internal? I’m aghast.

Not really. This is typically “customer service” even when someone with significant tech experience with the particular equipment is involved.

Can you imagine if a car company told their consumers to “remove the engine and reinstall it” before they would help you further?

Is this feature always going to be tied to a cam plus subscription? I find it ridiculous that I can view my cameras on the app without being sucked into yet another monthly subscription, yet for the simple convenience of viewing on a computer it’ll cost me.

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cdl17, this is where I need a like button. I am watching on my computer through the LDplayer app. It works a little better than Bluestacks.

And that the company that one might think would charge You a Fee for live view on PC, doesn’t. :laughing:

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