View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

having an issue with the my cameras on web view freezing. had no issues up until now. i would run the web view all day on my computer with no issues what is happening?


Cam Plus is required during the current beta testing phase. Wyze hasn’t decided yet if Cam Plus will be a requirement for the production phase.

Just a reminder - I LOVE BEING ABLE TO VIEW LIVE FROM MY PC! Thank you SO much!

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Using this in Chrome on Win 10. Usually takes a few tries to get live streaming to work (reload page, click on the viewer, wait, repeat). Once it’s running, though, it seems to be OK.

The events are hit-and-miss. A lot of them throw a “No compatible source was found for this media” error. Chrome debug window displays:
d6e1aeb5.1d58acfbb3ae2b16d2dd.js:1 VIDEOJS: ERROR: (CODE:4 MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED) No compatible source was found for this media. Kt {code: 4, message: ‘No compatible source was found for this media.’}

Still, it’s a good start.

I’m back in action… after last night my Cameras freezing on my computer while watching… it’s fine now guess was a lil computer glitch in the system/ bug or something. All better now!

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Well, that’s unfortunate.

Simply joined to express gratitude! Love this feature very much!

That being said, I wanted to mention my experience with it as well - I’m on a Mac with Vivaldi (chromium based) and while the basic feature works well, it does ask for microphone access weirdly enough, and the sound doesn’t seem to work. Very minor for me, but wanted to throw that out there.

Thanks again for this great feature!

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OK, I am finally back and camera is connecting and working. Is there a way to view through the computer without an emulator and without a yearly/monthly fee?
Is there a link to the steps?

Right now, the only way is with a fee, although they haven’t decided whether it’ll cost after the beta.

Is there a reason why it’s constantly logging me out?


I am not able to hear any audio while viewing camera via live web. Anyone else have this issue?

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I don’t think they have got it that far yet. This is still a Beta if you are lucky you will be able to see all of your cams and possibly they will not freeze. This has been my experience. Currently can’t even get a Recaptcha to appear so I can login.

I still just get an endless loading circle no matter which browser I try. It’s worked randomly once or twice, but its broken most of the time.


Yep same here. I believe they are just to busy to fix the problems in their products because they are too busy coming out6 with new stuff. Just an observation.

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Ditto spinning circles…and when it does come in it is stay live only for a few second then freezes.


Yes, me too… no audio chrome 4/4/22

Side note… anyone else REALLY want a better filter (time based) for event management and searching… I HATE having to scroll for minutes to get to 01:00 AM every night I want to review the early morning.

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I am not able to hear audio either.

Yes, I second the request to filter time. Its really frustrating to have to scroll so much and it seems to lump late night events into the previous day instead. eg: 2am

Its been at least 3 years since webview has been introduced but feels like its on the low priority list of items to work on.

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I’m ready to give up, and just get a new DVR for my security cameras, the DVR toasted and replace with 4 Wyze cams vs $300 for the DVR. Wyze hasn’t done a damn thing since this Beta Web View started when I came across it last November. Nothing. Constant freezing, and re-logging, and checking off how many buses or bridges, had to do this EIGHT times in a row the other day, it just doesn’t work, and the phone app not much better, more often than not says the cam is offline when it really isn’t. Time to go back to a DVR system, with a real app for windows that’s pretty much set and forget, and at least 99% uptime. Has a real timeline to go back to. Timeline in Wyze never worked for me, even though have SD cards in all 4 cams. Thru my experiences with Wyze cam, you have maybe a 50% chance, if your lucky, to catch and be able to download an important event. With a DVR system, it’s 99+ %. I prolly spend a good hour each day in accumulated time, maybe more, refreshing the web view to see what’s going on, and often at least one camera won’t work. Phone app not much better. This is not a security camera, at best maybe to fill in holes in your security system, but for F sake, if you’re really worried about security for your family, get a decent set-up. I see Wyze now has monitoring, are the cameras gonna freeze for them or miss half the events?