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Launched Web Live numerous times. While internet speed is above 100 Mbps, only one camera at a time may be ‘live’ for view. Need improvement on bandwidth usages.

I will say that have over 12 streaming live simultaneously right now as I type, so I know Wyze has it quite capable of doing a ton of cameras at a time as I do it all the time. I frequently have at least 4-5 streaming, but I tested if I could have over a dozen, and it held up just fine.

  • I use Chrome.
    • (downside of Chrome is that if you don’t have the window or tab actively selected, it is likely to try to kill the connection sooner…so in some ways other browsers are more likely to leave your stream running longer while you do other stuff…this is intentional in Chrome, not a Wyze issue [Wyze will leave the stream running as long as the browser will allow it to be active], so if you want the streams to run all day on a second monitor while you are using other windows and doing other stuff, you might want something other than Chrome/chromium-based…just not Firefox yet)
  • My router is Asus AX6600
  • 1Gbps up and down
  • I do have a pretty expensive laptop though, including 32GB RAM.

I just read a statement from Jimmy from Wyze on Discord where he said that currently all the streams are in 1080p, but they’re working toward being able to stream at lower qualities because a lot of people with lower upload speeds are having problems at the moment. Original statement:

So it sounds like they’re saying if it’s only allowing limited cams at a time, the problem is usually the person’s local ISP’s upload limitations (which is often way lower than the download rate), especially for anyone on Cable (which uses a daisy-chain that shares the bandwidth with the whole neighborhood and thus will especially have worse UL speeds during peak hours). So most people probably have enough download bandwidth for multiple cams, but might be struggling to be able to have enough cams all at once with a constant full HD upload in addition to all other traffic (and limited simultaneous connections based on the modem, what DOCSIS version it supports, number of channels, etc can all make a big difference)…but I suspect Upload limits will be most people’s issues (probably not yours if you have at least 100Mbps dl though…I can’t imagine your ul would be very low).

On the bright side, he said they should be having some updates coming to help with those who are having some problems from upload limitations to improve use and experience with it. I hope some of those updates come soon and help. It would be great if it is a variable setup so we can all get the best quality possible with the full amount of cameras we want to use at the time. I know my eufy cams do something similar. If my connection to them is really good or local, I get the stream in HD, but if my connection is weak, instead of denying me streaming, it just reduces the bitrate so I can still see the stream. I think Wyze is looking to do something similar so everyone can benefit from the feature to the best of what they have.

I hope future updates they are working on will make it easier for more people to stream more at a time soon. At least we do know they are aware this is a struggle with the current Beta and said they are working on improving it. :slight_smile:


Don’t shoot the messenger, but I read previously that these streams still utilize Amazon Web Services and Amazon charges Wyze per connection for this. So to help Wyze offset that cost, they’re tying the feature to a CamPlus subscription.

Just tried that and can’t seem to delete the individual licenses. When I click on one a box comes up that says available devices but I can’t do anything with it.

Yes, except that they don’t NEED to for streaming. Amazon Kinesis uses direct P2P WebRTC or local connections between camera and viewer (just like the phone app does). But I have no idea how they charge.

Is the following a valid speculation consonant with what you say just above?

My eyes glaze over easily lately at the antics of Complex (Wyze) & Complexer (Amazon). I can also make a shaky case for Complex (Amazon) & Complexer (Wyze).

Not knowing much frees me up considerably. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s actually the opposite of my own minimally informed speculation. It should / may fall back to reflector/relay mode, which would be more or less required for your scenario, but my point was it doesn’t have to for typical use. The Amazon Kinesis docs are pretty clear. But again I don’t have a clue how they charge.

Ah, thanks.

And this is a nice descriptive term:

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Hmm, apparently Amazon calls that fallback relay mode “TURN streaming”. And the pricing page confirms that IF effective WebRTC P2P sessions are established it costs Wyze much less (but still costs).

TURN streaming: An optional capability for relaying media via the cloud when applications are unable to connect to each other directly for peer-to-peer streaming due to symmetric NAT or other issues

If either of the applications can’t find an IP/port pair that passes connectivity checks, they’ll make STUN requests to the TURN server to obtain a media relay address. A relay address is a public IP address and port that forwards packets received to and from the application to set up the relay address. This relay address is then added to the candidate list and exchanged via the signaling channel.

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I want, not a transcript, but a recording of five drunk network engineers talking shop after hours. Three to five minutes would be sufficient to start with an option to ‘renew the lease’ thereafter.

I don’t want to see them, I want to close my eyes and know them, in an awesome gestalt!



It’s mostly about how so many people are a-holes, so pretty much like listening to any other drunken group.

(I’m more network engineer adjacent.)

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It really doesn’t matter what they charge as long as it meets the “value received for value tendered” criteria

Peep, they gotta love you!!

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Same here, using Chrome browser, will try others.

Do you have Cam+ on them? Needed for the Beta.

“Cam +” is the elephant in the Wyze living room that people tend to forget about until something doesn’t work

Cam + subscribers are the “Money Cow”. They don’t make much of anything on the hardware to speak of what they make money on the service did you subscribe to to enable features that are otherwise not available.

What’s not to like? :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas, monkey!

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Thanks Peep, best to you and yours. :eight_spoked_asterisk::eight_pointed_black_star::notes:

I have cam plus on almost all my cameras but I’m still getting the constant spinning while trying to load the live view. Events work perfectly though. I’ve tried both new Edge and Chrome.