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Is the following a valid speculation consonant with what you say just above?

My eyes glaze over easily lately at the antics of Complex (Wyze) & Complexer (Amazon). I can also make a shaky case for Complex (Amazon) & Complexer (Wyze).

Not knowing much frees me up considerably. :slight_smile:

Well, it’s actually the opposite of my own minimally informed speculation. It should / may fall back to reflector/relay mode, which would be more or less required for your scenario, but my point was it doesn’t have to for typical use. The Amazon Kinesis docs are pretty clear. But again I don’t have a clue how they charge.

Ah, thanks.

And this is a nice descriptive term:

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Hmm, apparently Amazon calls that fallback relay mode “TURN streaming”. And the pricing page confirms that IF effective WebRTC P2P sessions are established it costs Wyze much less (but still costs).

TURN streaming: An optional capability for relaying media via the cloud when applications are unable to connect to each other directly for peer-to-peer streaming due to symmetric NAT or other issues

If either of the applications can’t find an IP/port pair that passes connectivity checks, they’ll make STUN requests to the TURN server to obtain a media relay address. A relay address is a public IP address and port that forwards packets received to and from the application to set up the relay address. This relay address is then added to the candidate list and exchanged via the signaling channel.

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I want, not a transcript, but a recording of five drunk network engineers talking shop after hours. Three to five minutes would be sufficient to start with an option to ‘renew the lease’ thereafter.

I don’t want to see them, I want to close my eyes and know them, in an awesome gestalt!



It’s mostly about how so many people are a-holes, so pretty much like listening to any other drunken group.

(I’m more network engineer adjacent.)

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It really doesn’t matter what they charge as long as it meets the “value received for value tendered” criteria

Peep, they gotta love you!!

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Same here, using Chrome browser, will try others.

Do you have Cam+ on them? Needed for the Beta.

“Cam +” is the elephant in the Wyze living room that people tend to forget about until something doesn’t work

Cam + subscribers are the “Money Cow”. They don’t make much of anything on the hardware to speak of what they make money on the service did you subscribe to to enable features that are otherwise not available.

What’s not to like? :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas, monkey!

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Thanks Peep, best to you and yours. :eight_spoked_asterisk::eight_pointed_black_star::notes:

I have cam plus on almost all my cameras but I’m still getting the constant spinning while trying to load the live view. Events work perfectly though. I’ve tried both new Edge and Chrome.


I too had the spinning, but with patience, it finally starting showing video.
I’m sure they will have some additional tweaking to the code before it’s running more smoothly.
windows 10 using chrome.

Not trying to be a smart@ss, but do you work for Wyze? Just wondering…
In my short time on this forum I see lots of your posts almost defending Wyze all the time.
It just feels like you are an employee. Again, not trying to start a fight or not trying to be accusatory. Just wondering…

I can say that none of the Moderators or Mavens here work for Wyze, we are all volunteers who give time to help users on here when we can.


Thanks for asking, I’m not offended, I understand.

Short version: As Jason21271 said quite well, I don’t work for nor represent Wyze (nor do other Mavens or Mods).

Open for more descriptive explanation

I’m not on Wyze’s payroll or anything. I’m basically just an enthusiastic community member and volunteer who is very familiar with and knowledgeable about Wyze products, services, and everything else about them etc…which is basically what “maven” usually refers to in colloquial terms (I guess finding cool ways to use Wyze stuff is basically one of my biggest hobbies…coming in here is what I do when I quick break from my work), so I do try to help answer questions, give solutions, provide sources, and sometimes just share my own opinion or perspective while participating as a community member.

I do genuinely like Wyze as a company (I have purchased at least 167 Wyze items, and most of the various products, except the ones I don’t like and don’t want). I do also have several posts expressing honest criticism or disappointment throughout the forum on products, services, policies, etc that I do not like, but for the most part, I am the type of person who believes the true opposite of love is indifference, so rather than letting those negative feelings or emotions or frustrations consume me and affect my daily life and make me miserable, I just go focus on something else I’m more passionate about. So there are some products and services I basically mute and ignore because I don’t care for them, so naturally I don’t have as many negative posts because I avoid those things that are not something I’m passionate about. I hope that makes sense. -Apologies if that sometimes makes me look like an employee, though I guess it is fair to consider me some kind of “Wyze fanboy,” since I do have and love so many of their products and keep up with all their Webinars and AMA’s, and announcements, etc. I just use that to share with others my collective knowledge.

Some of my favorite people in here disagree with me regularly, don’t share my opinions, or give me good insights I hadn’t considered before. :slight_smile: I sincerely wouldn’t want everyone to agree with me. I am a huge proponent of competition driving progress, and I also believe criticism, when presented constructively and maturely help a lot too, so I am very supportive of such things. It’s totally cool if you also decide you totally disagree with me.

For those who find my genuine enthusiasm too much (ie: in the morning before having a cup o Joe…when such enthusiasm might be irksome :rofl: )…I won’t be offended if you mute me or block me either. :slight_smile: It’s all good (though I’m sorry I didn’t help you in some way…I really mean no offense).

Honestly, we need people with all sorts of perspectives to represent everyone in here, so regardless, I am happy you are here and participating because Wyze needs to know what what YOU think as much as anyone else (as long as we are all courteous to each other of course, which you obviously are based on how you worded your comment to me). :slight_smile: Thanks for being part of the community and helping Wyze see the general feelings and atmosphere of what they’re doing well or where they can improve. By all means, disagreeing with any of my perspectives or stances or having opposing views is totally good. :+1: That does not affect my opinion or treatment of anyone. People genuinely have serious frustrations that need addressed and considered and we want to make sure Wyze is aware of all that.


I have a strong PC rig that’s pretty overpowered, therefore running an emulator (I’ve used Nox) and it worked well and somewhat stable with the with the wyze app I’ve downloaded on it so if you’re just strictly want to to run on a PC via emulator, give that a shot first, it may work better than what they’re testing out right now,
Although, nothing beats an NVR. There are apps you can download that will have your pc turn into an NVR although I would not recommend using a basic drive or an m.2 NVMe drive for it,. I actually popped in a 4TB purple drive I had laying around, and that’s how I get by if I want to stream some videos off of my cams outside the house leading back to a poe switch,

How to get that started: go to (google it)
(After installing, you may have to boot into your bios to enable VTT for improved performance from the emulator).
download the wyze app as I belive nox has google play store built in to it, search for wyze and enjoy,

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