Video Stuttering with V3 and Pan V3, fixed

So like many, ive had video stuttering issues during live and playback. After trying most everything. I think I found a fix. Atleast, this worked for me.

Set your routers 2.5ghz channel to channel 6. Once I did this, it cleared up the issues for me. I tried each channel and some were worse than others. But for me, channel 6 is the sweet spot for these cameras.

I also suggest the app “Wifiman” so you can see how many things are going on each channel and find the best one for your environment.

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No can do. My router automatically finds the wrong channel for me. The function in the app is called ‘optimize.’ :wink:

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That works in your case now, but it won’t necessarily work in the future nor with other users. The WiFi channel usage in your neighborhood changes all the time.

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