Stuttering video

Dear All:
I use two cam2. Since quite some time, whenever I play one of the videos, the flow of the video is not smooth - it is somewhat stuttering on both cameras. I checked everything on this topic on the wyze webpages and went through all suggestions several times. No luck, except for maybe for two days or so when I go into settings and reset services. Then the jumps in the video come back. The wifi shows 3 bars. Both cameras are uptodate and reset power-cycled several times. I play the video on my android phone from the sd card.
I appreciate any help.

These cams can put too much load on network and router, there is other thread today about flood of DNS lookups.
Unless you have deepstate constantly looking at your cams, perhaps you could simply power cycle cams and router to check if problem goes away

Are you saying that you downloaded the videos to the phone and are playing them from there? That would make for an entirely different problem that what @vvyzetokupa said.

Similar to @vvyzetokupa, the router, and any wifi APs connected to it if any are, can affect how well streaming direct from the cam works. It can even affect it when nothing else appears to be affected.

But, there can be other possibilities.