Video Playback improvement(s) or open API

Well I assume everyone where has a CAM V1, V2 or the cool PAN.

I find it very difficult to playback a video specially when there is an almost invisible light green line. Unless you hit it perfectly, which can be very difficult if the event is short, you get and error message. “No video at the selected time” .

I suggest a feature that is very simple “Play events”. The video will start on the first event and depending on where you are on the timeline it goes to the next event. This will make a huge difference. If this is not an easy solution then I strongly suggest an API and allow others to develop user friendly playback solutions.

WYZE needs to realize that many user are not necessarily young sharp-eyed users that are hack-at mobile gestures. Anyone over the the of 40 may have a bit of an issue positioning the timeline exactly on a faint green line with a white background.

Maybe I am missing something and there is a way to easily playback events.

All comments and help are welcomed.



When you are in the neighborhood of the time on the timeline you want to view, use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline (two fingers moved apart) and the timeline will zoom in for finer control. When a segment finishes playing, the video does automatically jump to the next available segment on the card.

Now in beta, is an additional feature that adds left/right buttons that jump to the previous/next video segment in playback.