Playback sliders and the green captures

I love my 3 Wyzes, but I’m crazy frustrated at trying to use the playback feature (iOS).

I have SD cards in all my cameras.

They capture movement, and when I go to use the Playback feature, I can see on the timeline where it captured them because of the turquois vertical lines. I am only able in 1 out of every 25 tries to get the slider moved successfully on top of a line and actually see what was captured.

Am I the only one who finds the slider so sensitive, and never able to get this working. I’ve seen it work, so I know that’s what the feature is, but it so, so difficult to work.

Help please!

After moving to the general vicinity of the motion event on the timeline, place two fingers on the timeline and move them apart horizontally (pinch-out gesture). This will zoom in on the time scale and make it easy to move to the exact time you want. After zooming the scale, place one finger on the timeline and scroll, watching either the time scale or the digital timestamp superimposed over the video frame.

Well my goodness - what a simple solution to a slightly annoying problem. I’ve had this same problem. Thanks for the idea.