Playback stopped working on shared account

In a nutshell: My account is primary. My wife has her own separate Wyze account. I shared all devices with her. She no longer has the time slider in landscape mode to view playback of events from the SD cards. We can both still view all cams in real time. My wife does have access to various events through the albums, she just no longer can scroll through the timeline slider at the bottom of her screen. I still have full access and everything works fine.

I have 3 Wyze cams (1 V1 / 2 V2 / 1 PanCam). One V2 cam and one V1 cam are at my house. The pan cam and one V2 cam is at my father-in-laws. All cams have 32gb SD cards. I am the primary account and I use a Galaxy S9. My wife has her own wyze account and she uses an iphone Xr. I have shared all Cams with her account. I can “View Playback” of all cams and have the view playback button. Until recently, my wife was also able to view playback on her iphone Xr, using her account, on wyze even though she Did Not have the view playback button. However, when in landscape view, she would be able to scroll through various events using the time slider at the bottom of the screen. She just noticed today she no longer has this ability and I can find nothing relating to this particular issue.

The only recent change to our accounts and or devices has been the addition of the Wyze Scale about two weeks ago. Is that coincidence? Does anyone know how to get the time slider back on her phone?

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Bryan Cain

I don’t know how she was able to view “playback” because shared users do not have access to sd card footage, only main account users can. Shared users DO have access to the cloud event clips in the event tab, is there a chance that is what she was watching?

I understand the confusion because I’ve been reading many posts about just that. However, I am telling you, when she flipped her iPhone Xr into landscape, she had the time slider at the bottom of her screen. i know this for a fact because I had the same issue with many others re: playback freezing when not on an actual event. I used tips from this forum to work around this issue on both my S9 and her Xr…

I am very perplexed…

Same, this feature did work for me and then now doesn’t

Let’s say she was watching the cloud event clips. Why does she not have access to the time slider? I saw the time slider on her phone and had to help her use it. That is how I know she had it. I walked her through several steps to use the time slider. Especially after the glitch with the video freezing when selecting a point on the time slider with no recorded event. I had to do specific research, on this forum (TY!), to figure out how to work around that issue on both her phone and mine.

I’m seriously thinking this is a loophole in the code that was “accidentally” fixed through a recent update.

If she is shared cameras, she’ll have access to the event cloud clips and be able to watch those. Are you talking about the time slider while watching the cloud event clips? Your above statement makes that seem true. If the time progress bar is not visible when she is watching cloud event clips, I’d say an app reinstall is needed.

If she is shared the camera, she should not have access to the SD card footage from that camera, as viewed via the “playback” screen. To answer your question as if that is what you were stating she was seeing, I don’t know, because as long as I have known the local storage playback has not been available to shared users and I have not heard of that occuring before. If so, that would be a bug as it was not intended and I would suggest contacting support and submitting a bug report ticket.

What did your wife’s slider, or progress bar look like while in landscape mode watching the shared camera?


It was the bottom picture with the time on it.

The reason I know, is that the best tip I found (from this forum TY) to prevent the “freezing” issue from several months ago, was to use the arrows on either end to be sure the time slider was always in an actual event. That’s how we would prevent the “freezing” issue on both phones.

It could be intentionally fixed in one of the recent bug fixes. Do you have local storage set to events only? Can you run through a detailed process of how she was able to view that slider on the shared camera, just turning her phone to landscape would show it?

You did mention this, but what was she doing before this part?

I would suggest contacting support and make them aware of the bug. You may even have a log available through the app that they would want to see for troubleshooting. Here is the support link..

@Mavens, any other ideas from the group? Thanks!

Dang! You experienced something that many users have been asking for for a long time! Be sure to vote for it if you haven’t already. :slightly_smiling_face:

The usual solution is to have both people use the same account - unless you wish to be private about your scale readings…

SWAG - do or did you ever subscribe to CMC ?

TY - I submitted a question to support through the link.

On the 2 cams at my house, they are set to record events when motion is detected only. On the cam and the pan cam at my father-inlaws, they are bot set to record events for both sound and motion.

IMHO, the issue is with the app on her iPhone Xr. All 4 cams are working properly, I can see all events and have full use of the playback feature and the time slider on my galaxy S9. I am the primary account.

When the time slider was available on the iPhone Xr, I Believe, there was no “View Playback” button after selecting a cam from the main screen. I am sorry but I am not certain of this point, I am going based on her recollection. However, I am certain that after selecting a cam from the main screen, if she flipped her phone to view the cam in landscape, the time slider would appear at the bottom of the screen. I do know this for a fact as I had to walk her through the steps to prevent the cam from “freezing” several times and did show her how to use the arrows on either end to “skip” to the next available time. There are not really any other steps for her as I manage all settings on her phone and mine…

I’ll try to continue answering in a timely matter but we are getting ready to leave for vacation in a couple days and may not be able to respond quickly.

this is so dumb who’s idea at Wyze was it for this? I’m literally about to return this whole $250 order of Wyze cams, SDs, and subscriptions! What’s the point of sharing devices if they can SEE EVERYTHING AND SEE ALL EVENTS but they can’t view playback? I have a private cam of my room so NO giving my info is not a option. If you have a room inside a house then there’s no way to monitor your house without giving access to monitoring your room. You have to choose 1 or the other wtf? If I give my acc access they can see my room cam, if I share devices they can’t view playback it’s a lose, lose situation…

Welcome to the forims! Sharing devices is individual, not all. If you have more than one camera, you can choose individually which camera to share. If you give out your username and password, then of course that person will have access to everything. There is a wish list item to make permissions of shared cameras more configurable.

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