Playback is not accessible for shared user

I get this message when I try to access playback. Lately when I review my Cam3 events and click the playback I get this error , this only started yesterday… it worked fine prior. All four of my cameras are now doing this. I can review the event but not the playback.


Right. It’s only viewable to the person with the camera.

As I stated, I own and installed the cameras my account… it worked fine for the last year or so. Just recently I get the error and can not view playback

You said for shared user. I was able to access those as well. I gave my older V2 to my daughter and was able to access it for awhile, but I think after it was changed to her email address it changed. I can’t see that anymore. I sent a new cam to my other daughter and I THOUGHT I was able to access it in the beginning. After a few months I couldn’t and got confused and then thought that maybe I never tried using the playback on hers.

Ok, I checked with my phone and can access playback on my phone, but not my iPad…

Interesting. Maybe it’s one of those things that only works on certain platforms. I know that when viewing the cams liveview on the web site, it’ll work on Chrome but not Firefox.

It seems to be a problem with the app. I’m running beta so I rolled back to a prior version and it started working again.

Oh that’s good. Who is the shared user then?

No shared user…just an error in the app.

Sorry, I was thinking I was replying to the OP. “shared user” was in the subject line and I was wondering about that.

No problem. It just seems to be a bug in the app. I don’t have any shared devices but started getting the error with the most recent beta app.

It doesn’t bother me a lot, but it would be nice for a shared user to have access to the playback (designated by the owner, though). When my other daughter asked me to save some footage for her I couldn’t, unless I downloaded the short videos. I don’t like doing that because I have to download each one and not just the segments needed. Plus, each video being downloaded takes almost exactly as long as it is. That’s a pain. I had to explain to my daughter how to do the playback herself.


Vote for this (go to the top of the thread to vote):


I voted. Forgot about that option/section. Thanks.


This feature is still not available.
I am able to view the video playback but my wife can’t. What could be the logic for this discrimination? The main user should be able to give permissions to whomever they want, no?
This needs to be escalated.


Best thing to do in the meantime, for a trusted individual in your own household, is to just share the user ID of your main account. Then they have all the same rights and privileges as you do. :slight_smile:

You can still only view the SD card one at a time, tho.

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this is what my wife and i are doing, but it means we cant use the geofenced home/away function. if one person leaves the house the system goes into away mode, even though the other person is still there

This sounds fine on the surface but we share other Wyze devices such as the Wyze Scale which holds weight, BMI, stats for each user. Logging in and out of the app with different logins is a sloppy way to access this information. My wife was looking to see what our dog was up to and the pan cam didn’t record the event of the dog going up the stairs, she was looking for playback which is available on my account on my phone and not on her’s as a shared user.

I was saying use the same account.

I understand that would work for the cameras however, we have other Wyze products such as the Wyze Scale that use separate accounts for BMI, weight, etc.