Playback Page

Playback Page

(I believe that other people may have made similar suggestions in various forums)

Overal this is a well thought out page rich with features. Some tweaking would make it even better.

I am all thumbs and my fine motor skills are in question. Getting the time line cursor to start playing at the precise time I want is very awkward for me. It would be a lot better if a start/stop button was added to this page and the playback not start until the cursor was placed and the start button was pressed.

To play back video the user would drag the cursor to the point/time where the playback is to commence without playback automatically starting. That point /time could be adjusted (my experience is that it is a bit bouncy when my finger is removed from the cursor) and when the user is satisified that it is the point/time where playback is to commence, the start buttion would be pressed and continue until the stop button was activated or there was no more video to play.

It would be usefull to have the timeline tagged with a 0 to 24 clock, the same as the time tag in the playback video. When in the expanded time cursor, there can be some uncertainty as to whether one is in the AM or PM section of the playback time.

In addition, where there is data recorded in event mode with lots of gaps, the user should be able to place the cursor at any time point in a video gap press play. The app would automatically seek out the next occurance of recorded video and commence playing.

It would be usefull to have flags or indicators in the timeline indicating where triggers occured in the recorded data with the type of trigger (sound or motion) based on color coding.

Indicating basic triggered events, sound or motion, in the timeline would be the first consideration in priorities. Being able to indenify all types (sound, motion, CO and smoke) of triggers could be useful but not as critical.

Another feature would be to have the option to type in a time on the clock window that shows up when moving the time cursor with your finger. This would make it easy to go to a spectific time very easy for those of us who have issues with fine motor skills.

Another function that you may wish to consider for implemention is a repeat feature to conviently keep reviewing the same footage over and over again by typing in a command character (r:n {where n is the number of seconds of video to view before repeating or looping} to repeat or f to finish the repeat loop and continue on) in the time window.

@burke9119 I’ve moved your topic to #ask-the-community for now, as explained below.

With regard fine tuning the timeline, if you use a pinch-out gesture, the timeline will zoom in and give you much finer control. Please see if that works for you. There are < and > buttons on the ends of the timeline that will let you jump to the previous/next segment.

If you still want start/stop buttons, please submit that as a single standalone #roadmap request.

There is already a 12/24 hour option request in #roadmap: Timestamp 12- and 24-hour time formats. Please add your comments specifically about the timeline there.

There is already a mark events topic in #roadmap: Mark Events In Playback

Please submit the direct time entry as a separate standalone request.

Ditto for the video repeat feature.

For future reference, please search the #roadmap topic before submitting and try to keep submissions to a single subject/request.

Thanks. I am a newbie here and will try to conform more closely with topics in future posts.