Video noise on v3

This v3 is mounted in a bluebird house. Lots of video noise when I turn off night vision.

Set night vision to auto or off the image doesn’t have the video noise.

I have reset the camera and even removed the SD card but the noise is still present.

Both videos are within 10 seconds of each other.

Hmm. That’s the sort of thing I see when my cameras aren’t getting enough power on a long USB run. Does pointing it to a longer distance view change anything? Seems like close quarters…

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I think I would agree with Customer that this could be a power problem. The bottom video is clearly in daytime mode (it’s in color), and top video appears to be in night mode (it’s in black and white). Assuming that the camera is turning on the IR illumination when in night mode, that will increase the power consumption. If you are having a lack of power issue, having the IR illuminators turned on will certainly make that worse. As a test, go into the Settings > Advanced Settings > Night Vision Mode > Night Vision IR lights. Set the IR lights to Off. Note that you have to have the Night Vision Mode to Auto or On in order to set the IR lights setting. What all that will do is prevent the IR illuminators from coming on when the camera goes into night mode.

How are you powering the camera?

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Excellent suggestions. The camera is connected to a 20 foot microusb cable which is plugged into an Anker 40 watt wall charger. This cable tees off to another v3 a few feet away. I will run another power cable to the v3 with the video issues and let you know.

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You might see if you can find another higher than 1 amp adapter, or unplug the other V3 temp and check the noise issue.

He’s running an 8 amp power source so that is not an issue. However, two V3 cameras at the end of a 20 foot cable likely is.



Your suggestions to run another power cable were spot on. Video is clear again.

Now I am waiting for new tenants. Bluebird house #1 has an egg. Bluebird house #2 was put outside a week ago and has no tire kickers yet.

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Glad I could help.

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