V3 camera and motion detection

I have been playing with my 2 V3 cameras and so far they are useless for outdoor security (the reason I bought them). If I have the ir led set to far then the detection goes off every few minutes when set to half way and every 30 minutes or so with it set all the way down.

I know why it’s going off as the ir leds are very powerful and light specs of dust (not visible to the human eye) light up with the leds and set off motion. But if I turn the leds to close it does it less but still lots of false triggers and if I turn them off I can’t really see anything so to useless.

I contacted Wyze but they took over a week to respond and just sent me a generic turn it on off again reboot app… no help and. Don’t have the time to spend with them one email a week back and forth.

So, does the new night view just doom these cameras too 30+ false motions a night or is there a possible fix?

Is there any ambient lighting the area you want to cover? With the starlight sensor, any minimal lighting should look fairly bright in the picture. The IR showing the dust/particles/bugs isn’t new and some things to get around that are using a light source seperate and from a different angle as the camera view. You can also adjust your detection zone down to a smaller area to help disregard some of the flyers.

Are you able to post a picture of what the camera sees? Maybe the crowd here can offer some pointers based on your camera view. Thanks in advance!

There are bedrooms with light but it’s not that setting it off, You can clearly see in the video (hope I can attach video here) that it’s specs of stuff flying by. The video is with the detection set to 1.

Off camera IR lights would probably help but king of defeats the point of the camera being self contained and I often move my cameras around.

Detection zone may slow down false, but really I want detection in the whole area (back yard right now).

So I decided to try external IR and so ordered an IR flood light that cost twice what the camera costs. I will report back when I have it installed and have data to see if it fixes the issue.

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I am having the same problem with every little spec setting it off. I wish there was a simple way to fix this, as your right the night vision is worth it until you get 30 motion detections.

I had to turn off notifications since I would get tons of false alarms. Snow or rain is a killer with constant notifications if you use IR. Then if you have Plus you get even more without the wait in between.

If there is any ambient light, turn off IR, and try it with night vision on and off. With the v3, if there is moonlight, it looks like daylight with night vision off. Even without moonlight, skyglow can make it look near daylight lit. The combo of IR on a camera and using that for motion detection with alerts really isn’t that good for outdoor use. Indoor in true darkness but no insects etc would be fine.


Well, putting a $40 IR light pretty much fixed the false triggers. I find if I set the sensitivity to around 25 I get no false triggers.

It was a highly rated light but not as clean an image as the built in IR lights and I had to spend $40 and go through the effort of mounting and plugging it in. Less than perfect I would say for a $20 camera.

Support (they take about 7 days to respond to me) now wants me to revert back to an old version of the firmware, I guess they think the older version had less issues. I will do this when I have time.