Video flickering or jumping

Question regarding the attached video.

Why does this video appear to flicker or jump about every 2 seconds?

It’s most visible in the tree tops in the distance. Happens all the time, when snowing or on a clear day. Camera resolution set to HD, but does the same thing on SD and 360p. The camera is inside, looking thru a window.
Could it be caused by camera frame rate or bit rate?

Can anything be done to stop this?

Educate me.

How long of a power cable are you running? Could be the video compression. Has it always done that?

What is the distance from the router? Does it look like that if you pull the SD card out and watch the video?

Using the USB power cable and power adapter that came with the camera. The power adapter in then plugged into a 6 foot extension cord plugged into a wall outlet. Yes, it’s always done it.

Distance to the router is approx 40 feet, thru one interior, frame construction wall.

Yes, also does it with the SD card removed.

Have another v2 located inside looking thru glass to the front yard that has the same issue.

Do you have any V2’s that do not flicker and how long have you had the ones that flicker?

Have a v2 in the garage where it’s relatively dark all the time, and don’t see it in that cam.

Also don’t see it at night on the front yard v2 where the front porch is illuminated by the porch light, or the backyard v2 which is illuminated by a motion sensing yard light as seen in the Deer thief video.
(The first video I posted with the flickering is the same backyard v2.)

All three v2’s purchased in January 2019.

Looks like compression artifacts to me. Small limbs on the trees making small movements and the compression routines are attempting to keep such things constant in order to not show change, which is how they save space/bandwidth.

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Good explanation, sounds logical to me. Thanks

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Could be that yes. But I bet if he put a camera that was giving no issues and that one, I wonder if it would show?

Probably show the same thing. I just looked at two of my cameras that point down enough that grass is in the pic. If I zoom in a little, they both do something similar. It’s almost like a pulse every second or so where everything shifts a little. It’s the least of my worries, so it’s far down the list.

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Just received a new v2 cam today (my 4th) and put it next to the existing v2 cam looking at the backyard thru the same window. The new one shows the same flickering/jumping as the existing v2 cam.


Yeah there will be some jumping but it shouldn’t be too easily noticed.

All my 4 v3 cameras do this flickering too. Even when connected directly to the wall using the usb cable that came with it.

I have encountered this as well in some cameras but just noticed that changing to night vision stopped it. This camera was facing a window during the day. I tapped the Auto icon in the top right so it says on.