Cam V2 video randomly jerks & triggers motion recording

Does anyone have this experience with Cam V2?

Few of my Cam V2 indoor have random video jerk mostly on the bottom side. When it does that, it only jerks for half second, but enough to trigger the motion recording. I have realized that for quite some time now because there is no one home when it did that and alerted my phone. The rapid jerk appears like if “something” tried to possess my signal and manifest itself through the TV like one of those old time horror movies - The Ring. The V2 Cams are not far away from my router and I don’t think it has something to do with my wall power outlet because it happened to a few V2 in different corners of the house.

Not a big deal, but just curious why it does that. I can upload the recording to Youtube but my place is messy.

@WyzeGwendolyn Can I send you a private Youtube link?

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I have seen this happen randomly with all of my cameras (V1, V2 and Pan). If it’s occurring too much, it might be a hardware issue, but like I said, I’ve seen this happen.

@DreadPirateRush Thanks! I am just glad that I am not the only one and Ouija was not trying to manifest in my cameras.

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I think I know what you are talking about.

I only had one cam last September when the following alert came in at 6 AM. I thought it was a firecracker or something, but I was recording sound, and there was none. I frame-by-framed it and saw what looked like a framing error. The ‘flash’ was simply the left side of the screen being drawn on the right side, and vice-versa. So my front lawn light appeared on the other side of the screen. That was the ‘flash’.

I have since washed that window, lol.

I later caught the same thing in daylight, and again another alert video was generated. I’ll paste those individual frames below so you can see what happened in the dark video.

Not sure the cause.

I saw it a few more times on that first cam. Now I have 4 cams running full-time with alerts active, and I can only ever remember one other doing something similar once. This camera has behaved fine in the same position for quite some time now. All of them have.


@Newshound Yes, exactly what I got. Your video and image also reminded me that some other frame jerk was in the middle section of my video and I did see from other video that had the green hue flashed by quickly. Sometimes it happened in the middle of the night, if that makes these appearances spooky.


If you don’t judge me, I promise I will fix my man cave. :thinking:

Here is my video.

The Netgear router is just right there. So, it can’t be wifi issue.


So if that’s your man cave, where is your easy chair?


:zipper_mouth_face: It takes years into making… For now, man does paper work in his “man cave”…

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Okay, I’m liking these posts because I’m REALLY digging the humor in the writing. But this is a weird problem! I’m sorry, I don’t know why this is happening. I’d recommend getting in contact with our support people about it. They’ll be better equipped to answer than I am. :slight_smile:

Submit a request – Wyze

I put a beanbag in my man cave. It’s a work in progress but I’m pretty excited about the free beanbag.

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Tech Support inquiry submitted. Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn !

Can’t get beanbag in my “man cave”, or the little one would chew the bag and start feeding on pellet like Dippin Dots…

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You’re welcome! And yeah, those styrofoam pellets would definitely not be as fun as Dippin Dots. :frowning: