Video doorbell pro - error code 2004 when loading event videos

I have the same problem on my pan v3. How I can fix this problem?

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WYZZ ERROR CODE 2004 on doorbell cam
.only took a picture…this is BS…class action lawsuit time…i almost had what i thought was a home invasion robbery due to this error 2004

how do you power cycle doorbell? and why would this happen anyway?

this WYZE error code 2004 is BS…im pissed
everyone here needs to call corporate and have them get on this.

I found a way around this… It didn’t like my dual band system with band steering. I have 5 of them that wouldn’t connect. I then setup a cheap b only router and it connected immediately


ive had working for 2 years and it worked up until tonight…i have an ASUS CMAX6000 …it never had issues before like this…its a software issue i think.

Mine was too… I’m just saying what fixed mine