Doorbell Pro 2004 error code

Fresh out of the box, brand new Doorbell Pro. Installed today and hardwired setup. Live view works fine but I am not getting motion notifications and none of the events are available to view. When trying to view them I get a 2004 error code and no thumbnail of the event. Thought it could have been an app issue so I plugged in a different camera and that one works as intended and gets notifications and records events.

I have tried:

Power cycling the camera
Power cycling the router and modem
Delete and reinstall the doorbell cam
Log out and log into the app

Firmware version 1.0.73
Plugin Version

I only have 1 other Wyze product and that’s V3 camera that only gets plugged in on occasion and has given me 0 issues. It’s pretty upsetting that straight out of the box the doorbell cam doesn’t work like it’s supposed to and I’ve spent several hours scouring the Internet trying to come up with a solution.

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Having the same issue since purchasing, My guess… wyze doesn’t want to own up to their inadequate cloud servers… easier to blame customer wifi.