Error 6 and no motion events

Doorbell Error Code 06… Yup just like everyone else. Error 6 when trying to view an event. On top of that, The doorbell doesn’t seem to record anything from Motion… Nada… I’ve played with sensitivity… No difference. The doorbell will turn on the white light if it sees motion, but never records anything. It will trigger an event if someone presses the door bell… You just can’t see that event. I believe I am on the latest Firmware release…

Oh another issue has come up… If you get the error or even just doing live view… That app will get stuck… The screen icons will fly in or out, but you can’t back out of the doorbell… I have to close the app down and restart it. I am using an Iphone.

Just a couple of questions:

  1. Are you sure your events are not filtered? Go to the Events tab and make sure you clear all filters and ensure you have all camera’s selected.

  2. Which platform are you using: iOS or Android? I use the Beta Versions as I signed up to be a tester. I don’t have the issues with having to close the app because it seemed locked. I have gotten the error 6, and clearing the Cache or Restarting the Doorbell seemed to have corrected the problem.

In the past, a simple Clear the Cache from within the app, Force Stop of the Application itself (Android) and then going back into the app seemed to help.

My Versions being used:

Android App Version: v2.19.11
iOS App Version: v2.19.11 (4)
Doorbell Version:

Production Released Versions:

Android App Version: v2.18.41
iOS App Version: v2.18.43
Doorbell Version:

On the specific topic of error code 6, I have seen a vast improvement on my 22 cameras, 15 of which are subscribed to cam plus. However, there is no free lunch. The “fix” Wyze put in place was to slow the download speeds dramatically, to the point where it now takes minutes, not seconds to download a 2 or 3 minute clip. So they really have not fixed the issue, just put a bandaid in place to stop the hemorrhaging. I can only hope this is temporary until they fix the bandwidth issues they have between themselves and AWS.
Related to this is that this is mostly an issue with cams using the plus feature. Wyze still, despite their latest brag, have not nailed down the fact that we pay for person, vehicle and package detection. Not working well at all still, especially in cases where multiple things happen at once. For instance, a person walking by and a vehicle driving by. Come on Wyze. You advertise this feature, then take our money, then fail to deliver. I insist that until you get this stuff working, you stop charging. Any respectable company would work to make things right. And still, not a peep from anyone at Wyze about any of these issues. I’m ashamed to now tell people whose products I am using.

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No filtering. Cache has been cleared. Still no change.

Nothing recorded as a movement event. If doorbell pressed, I will get a notification. But if I look I get the error 6. Nothing shows up in the events area. But if you look at the live view you’ll see the event at the bottom. If you try to view that you get the error.

If you move in front of the camera. The white light will come on. But no event.

I’ve restarted the unit. Powered it off by removing power. Then powered backup. No change.

Also. Sometimes while viewing the app on the doorbell. The screen will become unresponsive. The icons will fly off screen. Then if you tape they fly back. Double tap zooms. But you can’t get out of the doorbell. You have to close the app down.

iPhone 12pro max
Current iOS 12.4.2
App 2.18.44

Same thing here. Has anyone been getting message, “Nothing to see here” on event page. I have people and cars in front of doorbell all day. Nothing is being recorded - no videos able to view or download. Since, paying for Camplus this doorbell has stopped working. Who knew that paying for a product causes it not to work.