Video doorbell pro charge

I’m not quite ready to jump the gun and try to return it just yet, but I bought 2 of them new from Home Depot Canada online order and charged both last weekend for something like 16 hours before setting them up. Barely half a week later, the front door doorbell is now alerting me to 20% or less battery life remaining. One of them never did go to a solid blue ring during that charge.
I’m going to try charging it one more time, but in the meantime… If I do have to RMA this cam, would I be RMAing this to Home Depot or directly to Wyze?

Sorry your having issues, are you using a larger 3amp wall wart or a smaller one. The video doorbell is best charged with a larger block.

I tried both the plug adaptor from one of my v3 cams, and just plugged into the USB ports on my computers. The one on my back door charged fine, I believe it was solid blue when I unplugged them to install them, but the one on the front just alternated between white and blue while trying to charge on the v3 cam adaptor, as well as at least part of the time when plugged into the computer.
I didn’t know if it would be safe to try to use the charger plug adaptor from my Galaxy smartphone with its fast charge.

Just plugged it back into the computer, and as of when I left the room, it was pulsing only white. So, will see what happens…