Video Doorbell Pro battery

Hi all,

So, one of my Video Doorbell Pro units is unable to charge past 50-54%. It’s indicating that it’s charging, but, the percent is just not going up.

Is the rechargeable battery replaceable? Or, do I need to replace the entire doorbell?

Looking at the tech. specs I would say they are not replaceable.

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@WyzeAlex can you address this?

Ok, so I ended up just buying a new doorbell…
Problem now is that I appear to now be having problems charging the new one…
So, now I’m wondering if the old doorbell is fine and the problem is the cord or the plug adapter… Because, I currently have the new one plugged in, and it’s showing the charging indication, but it literally went from 14% to 6% in less than 5 minutes with the app not even open for much of it…
Is there a recommended voltage/current or a particular limit for it for the USB wall plug adapter? I’m currently using a 1000mA Wyze adapter from a v3 cam. But, only replacement I currently have available is a 3000mA from a Qi wireless phone charger…

I would be interested about this too
i found the rated watt on the charger to be important
i switched from amazon 5w(1A) to a Samsung 10w(2A) made a difference
i think i might get a bigger one but
even though the app says 100% it never turns blue or stops charging
just solid white for infinity and beyond :¬) don’t know what to say about that
P.S. better cables are probably a good idea as well

Also replying to O question
Ive seen a teardown of this unit and the battery is blue wrapped blob with wires coming out of it
if you ripped it all apart i belive you could replace the cells if your good at that sort of thing
the blue battery blob will have some circuitry in it as well as the cells though you would have to reconstruct
shame we cant buy the packs