Video Doorbell Pro slow charging

Our Video Doorbell Pro (VDP) has been installed for almost 9 months since we got it and fully charged it to 100%. Recently it got down to single digits of reported charge and so I removed it off the mount o charge it.

After charging it overnight, it was only reporting a 30% charge. Not to impact our customers coming to our office and letting us know they are here, I reinstalled. Two months later, it is low again and again I when to charge it and left it for 20 hours to only get 32% reported charge.

Is this normal? Any ideas what might be going on here?

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Did you solve this? Iā€™m a new video doorbell pro owner and nervous.

Hey Max and others,

After a few attempts to charge a low battery, only to get a small boost out of a 24 hour charge session, I decided to let the battery expire completely.

That was the magic as now the battery seems to be charging more reasonably in terms of time and level of charge. I calculate about 15% charge per hour of charge time. I view letting the battery completely drain as a hard reset.

Thx for asking and hope my experience benefits others. Sharing my Wyzedom! 8-D