Video doorbell pro - battey draining

Received and installed two doorbells today. The one we installed at the front door had 38% battery when I installed it - and 4 hours later it is at 25%. The second one, at the side door, was at 53% and is currently at 52%. There has been more activity at the front of the house. Has anyone else had the battery drain so quickly?

Hi @sKrushinsky and welcome back to the forum.

I have had my video doorbell installed since the 22nd (I think, give a day)

It is on my patio door that sees little activity. I put it out at 100% charge and within a matter of 4 days it was down to 83% I checked it a couple of days later and it was at 86% and today was at 87%. I know weird it’s going up vs down.

The VDBP sports some pretty hefty batteries, and as you implied the more activity, less cool, down etc… the more drainage you will see.

I’d suggest giving them a full charge then monitor if one is wildly off from the other outside of activity and settings you may wanna give support a call.

But to me (and I’m just a user too) what you describe seems fairly normal.

Happy New year!


R. Good. thanks for the reply. Might be a stupid question but how do you charge the batteries?

You are welcome, happy to help.

If you remove the Video doorbell from the mount there is a black rubber cover on the back. Pull that open to expose the micro USB charging port.


Well first of all they must be charged at full before you use with all new battery devices must be fully charged first

R.Good - Thanks so much for the help. Got the front door charged to 100% and back in place. Will charge the side door later today. I appreciate your kindness. Happy New Year!


I have the same problem. I charged mine to 100% Saturday and now (Monday night) it’s down to 88% already. WyzeCams last months on one charge. Why does this battery drain so quickly?

There are a few factors,

Temperature is one. Generally the cold contributes to a fast discharge for batteries.

Event Recording - Notifications
If you have your doorbell set to record and notify of all events it will use more battery processing those actions.

Cooldown period, if you have a lower cool down period the camera will capture more events, thus more actions and more battery discharge.

I have my doorbell set to only record and notify if the doorbell is pressed, with power save mode turned on and my battery has only dropped to 87% in about a month with temps being in the teens here.
I do have 2 other cameras that cover the area, so if you are wanting alerts for all activities, then you will see the battery drop faster.

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Thanks. I checked my settings and some of them matched yours but I changed some as well. We’ll see if that helps.
Firmware is up to date.

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