Video Doorbell Pro Battery Charge Percentage not Shown

I have Android and it stop showing the battery percentage as well. Last time it didn’t even send me the notification that it was running low on battery and it went off without me noticing. Any solution yet? .

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I got the notifications that my VDBPros were running low on battery but I do not see the battery percentage. It’s pretty annoying.


From what I’ve heard in various places, this might have been done intentionally to cut down on support requests. If true, the concern is that people would look at the battery level frequently and if the battery level went down a lot in one day, people wouldn’t realize the drop was because the VDBP was very active that day, but would assume there was something wrong with the VDBP and then contact support.

If true, this is exactly the wrong thing to do, because they are just upsetting people and getting support requests about the battery display rather than the percentage drop.

The right way, in my opinion, would be to make the battery percentage optional, but off by default. If you go into the settings, the app could then explain why you might see random battery level drops and that this is expected and normal behavior. Thus, fewer support requests while still enabling exact percentages.

I think there is a wish list item here on the forums to add the battery percentage display back to the app.


Yes, there is a wishlist for it, please vote for this to come back here:


Where is the battery % for the doorbell pro? How am I supposed to know if it is fully charged to 100% before I unplug it from charging? -annoyed


There is no more % for the battery, it’s been removed. For now view the graphic, when it is solid blue/green/blue-green (whatever someone wants to call that color) with no black on the right side, then it is 100%.


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As @carverofchoice just showed, on the main screen is an image of the batter with green being the level

It is there on other devices, but not this one.

Amazing, I could have sworn I saw it there when I was on battery testing the device.

Good Catch, thanks

It may have used to be there, I am not sure, but it is not there now either way.


It’s removal was unfortunately intentional, based on the latest reply from Wyze support.
See the post above for the other discussion that’s been opened for more, and to vote to get it back. :disappointed:

I am on Android, Device Firmware version 1.0.66
Having Battery % display is a toggle under Settings \ Advanced Settings

Weird issue for me is sometimes the % indicator shows plugged in and my doorbell is definitely NOT plugged in. ie., switches between % charge and icon with battery + plug

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