Video doorbell - notifications lag time

My motion-detected notifications are not arriving in time to be useful. Sometimes they’re ok, but other times it can take 15 minutes before the app tells me about the motion.

Any guidance on getting consistent near-real-time notifications?

I have stopped receiving person/motion detection notifications since the last firmware update. I get my other cam notifications, and I can still see the event in the history.

Welcome to the User Forum @BEG!

Notification lag and complete loss of notifications has been a reoccurring topic across the forum in many discussion threads with countless posts on multiple cam types. It is not a new issue. A quick search will lead you to many topics. It seems to have coincided with the recent AI upgrades and server side cloud changes.

Here is the last update officially released by Wyze:

@ZiaMan, the updates are notorious for reverting settings back to defaults. I would double check that my detection and smart detection settings are correct and also the notification settings.

Finally, check out topics discussing the current state of the AI tagging. There are many posts from those (myself included) who have experienced severe degradation in AI accuracy.

If you need help finding the topics, DM me and I will shoot you some links.

Good luck! Be safe and well!

UPDATE: I just found this from the Wyze Team posted 30 min ago.

Check it out on that thread: