Event recoedings laggy and notifications late

No longer get person notifications till the person is gone, like a delivery will arrive and the person notification will not sound till the person is gone, or leaving. The event videos are laggy, in that they hesitate every half second or so , but the sd video playback of the same event is smooth. Cam Plus doesn’t seem worth it anymore,

Can you provide the following:

  • Wyze App Version you are using
  • Camea Model from which you are not getting Notifications from
  • Camera Firmware from which you are not getting Notifications from
  • Are you on Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite, or something else
  • Snap shot of the Event Recording Screen including the AI section
  • Snap Shot of the Notification Screen including the AI Section
  • Do you have an SD Card in the camera

I am asking for these to compare to my setup as I get notification within 3 seconds of someone passing my house or coming up to deliver a package.

Also, Have you tried the basics:

  • Format the SD Card, if you have one in it
  • Clear Cache from within the app. This is located under Account > App Setting
  • Close the App Down by swiping up.
  • Since you have an Android Device, Long Press the app and choose App info. The do a Force Stop. Then proceed to Storage and Cache. Clear Cache Here as well
  • Close this app / Window down by Swiping up.
  • Restart your Phone
  • Log back in and see if that helps.

Note: At times, this could be caused by an issue with your internet provider or router. Some have also restarted / Rebooted the router as well.

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I’ve done everything to exclude my equipment. The problem is with Wyze servers since only the stored videos are affected, as well as the person detection, Viewing the event videos from the SD card is fine, as is viewing video stored on the SD card. Even “live” video is delayed as much as 15 seconds at times. I have a gigabit connection, and no other devices using my router are affected. I think maybe Wyze servers are back in China, or they have not kept capacity up to demand.

I am not experiencing this issue. If you can provide the information above, Wyze will have something to research and potentially determine the cause. Anything you can provide would be appreciated.

The servers are not in China.

That’s right the mods don’t experience what the reg consumer is dealing with PRANCK FOR MODS. We test the product for free just give us it and we will lie to them so they can buy more

I am not sure what your issues are, but in order to help, I would appreciate you providing some more information as to what Wyze Products you have, the issues you are experiencing, as well as any logs or tickets you may have received.

Including the App you are using to include the version number.

Also, please note that I am a volunteer and have never lied within these forums. I provide the support when needed or asked. I also escalate issues when needed. I would appreciate it if you would refrain from making false statements such as:

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I know that nothing personal to you man. I bought 10 cameras and door bells and it just been an issue. Other brands not having the issues on my Fios internet 1gh up and down

So lets try to see what the issue is and see if we can get some eyes on it. Can you provide the following so that we can get a better understanding of the issues and environment.

  • App version you are using
  • Device the App is running on with the OS Version
  • One or a couple of the Wyze Devices you are experiencing issues on - Model
  • Firmware Versions of the devices listed in 3rd bullet above
  • Plug-in Versions of the devices listed in 3rd bullet above
  • Description of the issue you are experiencing.
  • I would also create a recent Device Log of one or a few of the devices you are having an issue with. I would use the devices you listed above. Then put the log numbers here.
  • Screen shots of your Events Recording and Notification Settings screen to include any AI settings
  • Indicate if you have Cam Plus, Cam Plus Lite, or something else.

This information is needed so that Wyze can determine the issue(s) and then decide on a fix.

Note: I have Verizon FiOS gigabit connection as well, and am currently experience no issues. Not saying I never have an issue, but nothing that was not solvable. When I first started with the Wyze Products I was having some issues with Streaming, especially streaming multiple cameras at once. Turns out my issue was with the Router I was using. When I would restart the router, things started to work, and then the routers would get overwhelmed and start experiencing issues. I had this issue with my Verizon Routers, TPLink Deco Mesh setup. Once I switched to the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 my problems disappeared. I then decided to play with the Wyze Router setup and found those to function without issue as well. I am not recommending a router, but do know the issues with using the Verizon setup and routers.

  • first issue was with using Verizons DNS Settings. They actually pass it through a filtered DNS to protect you from yourself. However, it never did a great job for me and actually filtered or block a bunch of incorrect sites. I ended up switching to Cloud Flare free DNS: and and things started to resolve correctly.

  • Second, the router provided by Verizon and TPLink Deco (the ones I used) would actually limit the streams and therefore I experienced issues with any Live streaming devices (IoT).
    Switching to a better router / setup cleared that up.

With all that said, I have been using Smart Tech for many years now and have been throug many technologies (SmartThings, Hubitat, etc). In addition, I have been through many Camera / Security devices: Eufy, Arlo, PVR’s, Amcrest, Blink, Ring, etc. All of the products listed have had its fair share of issues from defective hardware, problematic software, support, Cloud costs becoming mandatory and increasing, etc.

I personally settled on Wyze Products for cost and for reliability based on my experience. Again, I have had many issues, but ultimately, I have gotten through them I signed up to be a beta tester so I can provide feedback and see what is coming. I like trying to help and provide feedback to make things better. Anyone can sign-up to be a beta tester for the App and Firmware. It is possible that I am not experiencing the issues because I am using the latest firmware and beta app when it is available.

With all of this, if you could provide the items bulletized above, we can see what can be done to help out.