Very happy with my Wyze Robot Vac after figuring out its idiosyncrasies

I’d imagine most Wyze Robot Vac early users are tech savvy. As with all software driven tools, the challenge is figuring out what makes the software happy. With the robot Vac , first is to find a good physical location for the charging / base station. If you find Vac confused, move the base station to a new location and remap. This is mostly trial and error but it generally seems to like a location that is against the perimeter wall . Once the base station is in a reasonable (by Robot vac standards) location, remap and edit the map. Merge-split the map until all the rooms are partitioned to where the Vac software is happy. Again trial and error. If the robot can spot clean each room successfully and return to base, it is all good and don’t move the base nor edit the map. Also, don’t block its ingress or egress paths with furniture etc anymore. After that you can establish a schedule etc and it does a very good job !