First clean with the new Wyze Vacuum

This will be the 5th bot vac I have owned. Previously I had 2 models from Neato (vx and 85 pet series) and currently still using 2 models from Eufy (RoboVac11 and 11slim (pre-release demo I got to keep))

Over the past 5 years I have run all of my vacuums a lot. Most of this time has been with 1 or 2 Labradors retrievers and occasionally a Dane/Lab mix, so there is always plenty of dog hair and dander to be picked up along with my own crumbs and dirt I drag in.

My setup is around 1200 sq ft mix of hardwood, tile and 3 low-pile area rugs.

First impressions:

This unit is slightly larger (diameter and height) and wee bit heavier than the 2 Eufy units I am currently using. This is not a bad thing, it feels sturdy. The rotating sweeper arm appear to be the same as other units I have used. The dust bin appears to be larger than the 11slim for certain and comparable to 11. I do like that the dust bin lid has a plastic seal and there are no other moving parts or pieces. Other products hingers have had metal pins that inevitably work there way loose and fall out (in the garbage can!) hoping this plastic-snap-in hinge holds up and digging through the trash with a magnet is a thing of the past

This is my first vac with lidar and right away I was impressed with how quickly it began to find the outside area of my room/house. My house has an open layout (load bearing wall removed) with a hallway that leads to 2 bedrooms in the rear of the house. Looking at the map that was drawn on the first attempt 1 bedroom was missed but was able to navigate around the kitchen island, couch, dining room table, end table and rowing machine just fine. I left a couple dog bones and an medicine ball lay around as obstacles, the vac was able to navigate no problem.

My box included a quick start guide and a manual (another user posted they did not?) I am in the WyzeBeta program so I admittedly am familiar with how to add a new product already. But I did a quick glance over of the quick start just to make sure there were not any special instructions, everything was easy peasy to get started.

I am a little over 1 hour into the cleaning with all 3 vacs running simultaneously. I found the three suction settings (quiet, standard and strong) and opted to start on strong as I already know Labrador dog hair and dander is a pain to deal with… MORE POWER!

The vac was charged to 100% battery and ran for 1.2 hours (down to 6% battery) using the strong suction setting before it started to return to the charging base. I emptied the dust bin every 20 minutes or so. I noticed this bin had similar amount of dog hair collected but FAR MORE dander than the other 2 units. Brand new unit, brand new filters should be better at collecting, but I just cleaned out the other 2 units last week with an air compressor so I know those units are pretty clean.

Return to charging base did not go very well. For whatever reason the unit kept trying to go behind the couch, after a few minutes I manually relocated to the base.

The first couple times I emptied the dust bin, I got shocked every so slightly. Perhaps some left over static charge from static-cling packing materials?

I am going to let this unit charge its battery back to 100% and run a timed cleaning with the suction set to normal. I am also going to leave the other 2 units off so they are not jousting. Perhaps that will allow the 2nd bedroom to get found/mapped.

Obviously this is only day 1, hour 1, cleaning 1… but it did a much better job than the other units I am currently using. At the 199.99 price point, it is a no brainer, I just tried to buy another unit but they are on back order, doh!

Ultimately the longevity and reliability over the life of the vacuum will tell the full story but like other Wyze products so far, this appears to be a winner

Pretty impressed with mine as well. I am having a wifi issue where it disconnects when it goes back to the base and starts charging. Happened on Day 1 a few times, didnt happen the last few days, then happened twice today. Its basically parking 20 ft from the access point so there’s no range issues.

I have nothing else to compare to, but impressed overall. A lot of the features Wyze discussed are still a work in progress and the app control is missing a few things, but overall a good experience.

I’m loving the Wyze Vac! Did an excellent job navigating the first floor. I have an older home with large cold air returns. An oak one in the living room, and a metal grate in the dining room. I was concerned about it getting hung up on those. It was able to go over the oak one. It avoided the metal one. Probably saw the metal one as an open hole. The metal “slats” are thin. The slats on the oak one are thicker.
Today, I took it upstairs and started a cleaning. It still showed the downstairs floor plan as it was cleaning. I guess I’ll have to reset the floor plan until Wyze allows for more than one. (I heard they are going to do that.). Maybe one day I’ll get a second one for the upstairs. But then, how hard is it to carry a robo vac upstairs? Haha. I mean…it does the part that sucks. Literally.
I’m really glad I finally decided to get a robo vac. I can’t compare the Wyze vac to any other, but it does a really good job. The best…maybe not. One of the best…I think so.

Received my Wyze Vacuum today. Had one false start on mapping when after about 45 minutes it got jammed between a toilet and wall and needed help getting out. In getting it out, the map was lost. I recharged it and started it off from a different location. Turns out the location was on an island

See screen shot. After going around the island, it took off towards a couch that sits at 45 degrees to the room. As it continued to map and clean it was painful to see it clean everything on 45 degree angles and stop discovery in some rooms, also on 45 degree angles. I’m not sure yet what will happen when it resumes and discovers the rest of the house. But the WYZE vacuum didn’t seem to wise in its choice of cleaning patterns.
It took over 1.5 hours to clean about 895 sq feet. Is that what others are observing?
I also had one case where the LIDAR protective cap got stuck on a bar under my stool and needed help to recover.
On the first mapping failure, I had it start on an exterior wall and it appeared to be properly mapping all the room in the house before it got stuck…I’ll probably remap that way and see if the cleaning pattern changes. I think that WYZE should give some advice on optimal locations for the charging stand. Advice on getting things out of the way for the mapping run would also be helpful.

Update on run number 2:

  • I had the best of intentions to set the suction mode to normal but forgot.

  • Today the vac located the 2nd bedroom (more on that below) to which there was considerable more dirt/dander in the dust bin (that bedroom has the area rug the dog scratches his back on)

  • I am very impressed again with the amount of hair/dander as well as ease of use with cleaning out the bin/filter.

-I think yesterday I might have picked up the vac and took it to the hallway closet to dump out the bin and might not have replaced the unit exactly where I found it. I made sure today just to stop the unit and leave it where it was, taking only the dust bin to the closet, leaving the vac where it stopped. Todays map appears to be perfect, so I think yesterdays mapping issue of not locating the 2nd bedroom and confusing behind the couch for the charging station was probably human error on my part by moving the unit mid-cycle

-the vac had no problem navigating back to the charging station (same location as yesterday) so I think this also points to human error by me picking up and moving the vac in the middle of a cleaning session and messing up mapping/location settings.

  • when it finished cleaning today the runtime was 1.1 hrs, (down from 1.2 hours yesterday) and the battery life was at 13% (yesterday was at 6% when finished)

  • With the unit stopping its cleaning cycle with battery life remaining, I am assuming the mapping logic dictates when it is “done” and not battery life. I am used to the Eufy units running longer (until the battery is nearly empty) however there is a pro/con to that as sometimes the Eufy get lost on their way back to charge and take longer to recharge from 100% dead

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We received our Wyze Robotic Vacuum on Sunday. First, let it fully charge. Then, watched with fascination as it meandered through different areas of our main floor. It tenderly scalloped along the edge of the first room (tiled, with a drop-off to the next room). turned corners, expanding its map as it went. Had several hangups, wedging under chair-leg crossbraces, and under the lip of the dishwasher, where it cried out for rescue. Sometimes it entered an area, did a cursory twirl, and went elsewhere; then later came back to finish – most but not all of those.
That first run took 1.6 hours, with a pit stop about 2/3 in, when it had exhausted all but 6% of battery. At that point it scooted back to the charger and refreshed itself. The dust bin was FULL! Strangely, that first map disappeared when we went to run it again today (2 days later).
I am still unsure about managing the maps and the areas, and adding walls. More complete instructions on those points would be welcome!
Todau we blocked doorways with obstacles to limit the range that the beast explored (from a new home location). At completion, it tried to make a beeline to the charger despite obstacles and temporary walls, finally taking a hint or two from unsubtle foot placement.
Is it time for the different products to each have their own sub-forum for easier reference to other users’ experience?

I should be receiving the vacuum tomorrow! :smiley: I have never used a robot vacuum, so I’m looking forward to see this thing run. I do have a question about running this for the first time and I want to make sure I understand how this works. Let’s say the vacuum does it’s first run and cleans around a chair or table. If I were to move the chair, would it vacuum that area on it’s next run, or does it have to create the map from scratch to include that area?

I’ve done this with my Wyze Vacuum. If it doesn’t sense that the obstruction is there it’ll clean through that area and update the map.

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