Robot Vacuum Tenacity

So against all rules and instructions, I put my Wyze Robot Vacuum base under our IKEA bed cause the better half didn’t want to have it just sitting out in the bedroom. It works just fine, although the mapping was a little odd at first. It saw the mid bed support rail and thought it was the end of the bedroom apparently. I was kinda concerned at first, and thought about picking it up and moving it to the other side of the room, but I was patient and let it run. After a few laps around the room, it eventually decided that it would venture into the unknown… and now it’s fine. So moral of the story I guess… let it figure things out.

Also, I thought it was kinda funny how much it tried to get past my wife’s desk chair. Almost like it could sense that there was carpet over there, but it just couldn’t get to it. I grabbed a little video of it, but this was just the end… it was at this for a good minute before I started filming :slight_smile:

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