Very Grainy low quality image

After the most recent ( firmware and app version 2.10.71 update I have been noticing lots more granular image quality. Even when I do the night vision on/off trick and after restarts, I’m still seeing low quality images on the HD setting. I have turned on the Hardware Decoder on my Pixel 4XL. Not sure if this is just a me thing or something that is happening across the board. I know was a HUGE overhaul, so I just wanted to post this feedback.

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Seeing the same thing here on 1 of 5 cameras.

Agreed I saw this happening as well

I’ve found this one two of my six Wyzecam V2s, I wonder if it was brought on by the latest beta firmware.

I’m rolling back to 4.X.5.111 as was suggested here:

Yes I’m seeing this as well on my V2.