Vera integration`

Support Vera aka MyCasaVerde hubs.

Vera is an opensource, cross-vendor, multi-protocol smarthome hub. It’s controllable via web browser, smartphone app, and numerous APIs.

They support an extensive suite of plugins. Hundreds already in fact.

Please write a Vera plugin for Wyze devices. It can log into our Wyze account like the app does and issue commands and see sensor status via that channel. Then we can use vera’s scenes to make use of Wyze devices and buy more wyze device now that we can use them with the rest of our smarthome.

MiCasaVerde needs to support IFTTT first. Then it can easily work with Wyze using the IFTTT platform. See their forum thread about it for more information and the status of their integration:

And you can also add your own request.

Ifttt is too slow to be useful for this. Real HA needs sub 500ms response times

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Actually, its Wyze that needs to support IFTTT.

(What’s that you say? They already do?..)

What Wyze has with IFTTT today is an unreliable mess. It does not meet the minimum bar to receive the title of ‘supported’. Once Wyze can step up to the plate with ifttt, then we can start talking about other companies supporting ifttt, mmmkay?

Well both of them do. At least Wyze has started to, but definitely needs a lot of improvement. But I do agree, it is slow.