List of all integrations in Wyze account?

This recent issue with needing to re-integrate my Wyze account with services such as Google or IFTTT brought up an issue for me. I don’t remember for certain what services I connected with Wyze in the first place. I poked around in my account on and didn’t find anything. Is there a single place to find this?

theoretically there could be as wyze must x-ref issued tokens with 3rd parties processes, but as far as we have available to us, not currently.

Since yonomi is useless, and stringify is dead, I believe that leaves only alexa, google & ifttt.
pretty finite list to work from as most of us will have either alexa or google and perhaps use ifttt.

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Thanks! After I posted this it started to ocurre to me that the list was pretty short. Still, I’ve had this question before. I few weeks ago I spent some time searching around in my Google Home app for the same list and couldn’t find it. Finally, some time later, I went to go add something and found the list of what was already connected. At least it’s available. I think every provider/service that you can link with another should have the list of current connections somewhere in your account.

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wholeheartedly agree.
My other big peeve is ifttt has left you with nothing but recommended processes, rather than everything available to consider when hopefully cobbling processes together.
Being alexa not google I have routines, which is like multistage scripting.
Still somewhat limited, but I can pull multiple processes together.

For instance, via wyze 1 cam turns on a light in our hall when motion detected.
Via alexa routine, when the motion is detected, it triggers a 5 minute delay, then turns off the light, all only permitted btween 5pm and 2 am.

Pretty sure I could do it all singly from alexa, but I had the camera/motion light/on script already in wyze.

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I’ll have to look into Alexa integrations more, I didn’t know you could do that. I have a Hubitat hub and have IFTTT basically sending my Wyze camera motion alert to Hubitat. Hubitat can then decide whether to turn the light on or not, and how long to leave it on based on automations I set up.
Even if using Alexa didn’t give me any other options that the current setup does I would still rather use it than IFTTT. I already have most of the smart home stuff connected there anyway,


@Jon2001, I have to amend my earlier cam activation routine.
I thought it was the wyze cam, but schmuck that I am thinking I took the arlos offline, in fact connected to an arlo.
the wyze cams are NOT seen in routines.
I really do not want to cobble together notifications activated various scripts to eventually turn off a light after a set duration…so far smart home stuff is incredibly stupid.

Sorry for taking you down a rabbit hole