Vehicle watch

My whole reason for getting the camera was to look at my truck because somebody hit my truck one night while I was sleeping so I have a camera focused on my truck but of course then it sets off the camera every time tell me that there’s a vehicle how do I get it other than deleting my vehicle out of the detection zone which kind of defeats the purpose so that it doesn’t set go off all the time for my vehicle.

It’s not necessaryly telling you that the vehicle is the movement, it’s telling you that there is a vehicle in frame in a clip when there is movement detected. If you enable motion tagging then wait for a few events to come in, you can see what is triggering the motion and decide weither you want to exclude that part or not.

I understand that but when I’m getting so many recordings and all they are tagging in it is vehicle. Is there a way to get it not too

If you’re getting too many recordings and all that’s tagged is the vehicle, turn off the vehicle setting in CamPlus and see if you can find the actual trigger.

I don’t care if the camera records 250 videos a day if my truck sitting in the driveway and gets listed as vehicle every time a tree branch sways or a cloud goes by. That is why I have notifications set to AI only and all other motion events off. I still get the event videos but not 250 notifications all day.

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Thank you I’ll try anything at this point.