Cam Plus: worse than without for vehicles?

I have several V3 cams, including some I’m trying Cam Plus with, 1 of which is on my garage looking out toward the street.

But it’s WORSE than useless - I’m getting “Vehicle” alerts every couple of minutes for my car that’s parked there all day, masking all of the other alerts. And why would anyone want constant alerts about a stationary car?

Other systems I have used tell me when a car APPEARS, then doesn’t keep alerting, until that car leaves. I just want to know when someone COMES, or when they LEAVE. Not EVERY SINGLE MINUTE they’re there.

And I’m PAYING for this abuse by alerts??

Is anyone else having this issue?

Thank you, Sir! May I have another.

That’ll cost ya $1.50/mo :wink:

My understanding is that if something triggers the your motion alert settings, it will interrogate the entire feed and point out what it sees. I agree, it should only look at what is moving, but it looks at the entire feed.

So if you have CamPlus with Vehicle, Person, or Package set and even included all motion, if a Bug passes the camera, it picks it up as motion, then it will also let you know about the vehicle. Not ideal, I agree. You can test this by turning off Vehicle notifications and see if the Alerts continue.

I would also ensure you have the motion tracking box on, so you can actually see what it is picking up on to determine why the camera is being triggered.


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