Cam plus is an inconsistent mess

i’ve been paying for cam plus since it was first announced. its on two v2 cameras i have situated outside.
it used to kinda work sometimes, but lately one of my cams situated at my front door basically NEVER detects a person, face or anything now and hasnt in weeks or maybe even months. it just constantly just tags everything as regular ‘motion’ despite the fact i have cam plus on that camera.

this is annoying and im wondering why i’m paying for this? i already ‘restarted’ the camera last night and lo and behold the next morning, the first alert i get is yet another ‘motion’ detection that is clearly an actual person.

is this service gonna actually get better cause it seems to have gotten way worse.

Huh you’re right, that couldn’t be easier to tag as a person. What’s with the vertical green line? Is your sensor failing?

The green line is part of the motion tagging box, you can see it on the top of the photo, just can’t see the bottom portion or right side.

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Ah of course, thanks. The box is around him. So even stranger it didn’t tag as a person.

My V3 or my WCO cams have never had an issue with “Person” notification. The V3 will usually show Person, Vehicle if I walk down the driveway past my parked Vehicle. I turned off "all other motion events’ notifications because they never stop coming.

it used to be better for me. but i checked the logs and it has not detected anything but ‘motion’ for the past several weeks which is definitely a lie. then i check today and finally theres a ‘person’ detection. its just so inconsistent now for me that its kind of useless.

i get that AI isnt perrfect and is supposedly constantly learning, but it has done a pretty poor job overall for me so far.