V3 Repeated Vehicle Detection for Parked Car - Need Motion

I have Cam + on my V3 with motion detection enabled and get vehicle detection notifications all the time for the cars parked (not moving) in the driveway. I only want a notification if there’s a car moving in the driveway. Am I missing something?


Perhaps you can check the sensitivity settings for motion. Sometimes when light hits my windshield and my settings are very sensitive i get a notification.

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If something sets off motion, a person or a tree for instance but there is a vehicle parker in the image it will tag it with vehicle. It is not applying a tag of what the motion is but what is found in the image.

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So…basically the cam plus vehicle detection is useless if you are monitoring a drive way with a vehicle parked in it because EVERY event, motion or sound, will detect a vehicle parked. How is that a good thing? I guess if I quit getting “Vehicle” notifications it means somebody stole my car? Guess that could be helpful?

The V2 detection zone is better then then V3 because you have more control over the zone. V2 select different areas of the image at the same time. V3 only one box in one place, you can resize it or move it but only one spot on the image.


Are there any plans to include detection of a moving vehicle, vs one that is parked, in the future? It’s pointless to tell me that there are vehicles in my driveway when I know they’re there. Any other ideas on a workaround specifically for a moving vehicle in my driveway?


Same problem here.