Vehicle motion showing up as package on porch notification

All of a sudden all my vehicle motion is being detected as package on porch.

The vehicle is probably setting off the Motion Activation and creating the upload, but there is most likely a stationary object in the FOV that looks like a package.

My doormats used to do that on my cams when there was motion that activated an upload.

Can you post a video?


Detected motion isn’t necessarily what’s being tagged by the ai as recognized objects. Once the camera detects any motion that passes your sensitivity thresholds and zone settings, the cloud ai analyzes what is observed in the view, weither in motion or stationary, and tags the video to include those recognized objects.

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Nothing on my porch that looks like a package no may or anything. Just started doing that recently

It happened to me after it rained one time, when there was a patch of darker shade on the pavers. It didn’t look like a package to me, just a blob on the ground, but guess AI couldn’t tell the difference.

Submitted the event video to say there was no package and it hasn’t happened again since. If you can submit videos to correct the AI, hopefully it will go away.

Do you have any videos or photos from your events that you can post? Like @SlabSlayer ask previously.