Vacuum pre-order rewards - How would you personally rank your 4 options in order?

Wyze is giving a reward to Early access backers of the vacuum. It looks like we’re basically guaranteed to hit the full 20,000 backer goal. As of the original time of this post we were at:

That’s MST.

So 41 days to get another 1396 backers? It’s going to be easy to hit that. So you’re probably going to be able to choose anything you want.


Wyze will send us an Email in the end of December to select our reward (hopefully and presumably completely free/included already with the vacuum order…and not asking for a separate shipping payment for the other item even though I believe they ship from separate locations/distributors).

I am sure most people will pick the V3 if given the option, but how would you rank your preference of all 4 in order? Mine is probably:

  1. V3
  2. Bulb
  3. V2
  4. 2 Plugs

I love the bulbs, already have too many plugs. I’m replacing some of my V2’s with V3’s anyway, so why get another V2 except to give it away?
I’m sure they are offering:

  1. the V2 because they’re just trying to get rid of them now.
  2. the 2 plugs because they just filed new FCC filings for both indoor and outdoor plug approval, so might as well drain the stock of the current plugs
  3. the bulbs because they said in the AMA they are launching new color bulbs soon, so drain the stock of these older ones ASAP (I assume this is also why the old bulbs have been getting so many updates lately…because they made the updates for the new bulbs, and many features were just easy to copy to these old ones too)
  4. V3’s as a real reward for selling so many vacuums. the other items are things they’re just trying to clear stock of anyway.

I’m not complaining, I LOVE extra devices, might as well send them as rewards to us early experimental backers!


I didn’t receive an email with instructions for the vacuum backer rewards.

Please advise…


I would contact support

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT

Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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Thanks for the information…

Happy New Year :tada: