Free Wyze bulb with $20 or more order

I ordered a Wyze cam black and a Wyze surge protector on 4/29/20. I put light me up in the code box. I did not recieve the bulb. What do I need to do?

Same here. My last order even shows the free bulb in my Order History, but it’s MIA as the rest of the order has been received. I just placed another order and it also shows the free bulb in my Order History. We’ll see if it arrives…

I don’t even see the bulb on my order history. .

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You received the rest of the order just not the promo bulb? Sorry to hear that!! :frowning: are you able to create a support ticket and post your ticket number here in the thread? Ill push it up the ladder and see if we can get this figured out for ya. Only thing I can think of is maybe the there are two separate warehouses that are shipping the goods to you? But I’d rather not wait and find out if you don’t have any indication of a second shipment to you.

@Seapup, same here too, would you make a support ticket about the order issue?

I am kinda jealous of you folks getting more Wyze goodies. I am gonna have to make myself a new order so I don’t feel left out. :slight_smile:


Ugh… that’s sad. :frowning_face:

Could be worse though… your order could have been split into multiple shipments and you could have been charged for the bulb that never arrived. :grin:

No I got both things, just not the bulb. Just so you know the package was sent FedEx smartpost.

@Scott57 and @Seapup, word was passed about the issue but with it heading into the weekend now I’d say Monday is a good day to start looking for a response.

Don’t worry, the Wyze bulb light at the end of the tunnel is close :slight_smile:


Thanks @Omgitstony. Mine is already being taken care of. :+1:


Just FYI I ordered masks first week of April and they just arrived. Problem turned out to be Smartpost, not Wyze The handoff between FedEx and USPS created a major delay. TheWyze end was done promptly.

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It shows that it is still waiting to be picked up from May 8. Incase you haven’t looked at some of my other posts…you will see that I have blamed FedEx smartpost from the beginning. I hate that Wyse has a need to use them. They could use UPS surepost which does things the same way, but I can pay UPS a extra $4 and switch the delivery to ground getting my package a couple of days earlier. I hate FedEx smartpost…just incase you didn’t get that from any of my many other posts.

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