Wyze bulb Order disappeared

Hello everyone,
So not sure if this is only happening to me but I placed an order for the new wyze bulb back in May when they had the presale and it said the orders were going to be shipped after June 18. I checked my order history on June 18 and it said the same thing… order are going to be shipped after June 18, I checked this morning June 20 to see if any updates were available and my order is gone so I can not check the status of it. I do have an email with the order # but when i input the info to track it it does not find an order with the order # I have.

I hope its just a glitch and not that they lost my order because I was charged for the order.

All my past orders are missing from the app, too, including my bulb purchase. However, I did get an email the other day saying they were close to shipping them, so I’m sure they will take care of it.

Yes, it’s a glitch, a Wyze person, Anjel wrote " We are currently updating the previous order part of our database to make it more efficient. Unfortunately this process takes about 48 - 72 hours to run through all the orders which is why you are currently not currently seeing your orders. "
Mine came back.

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Thanks I have same issue

Same for me in the app, but all my orders are on the website.
Account on website.

So its been 6 days since I posted the initial message and I still dont have an order on my account or received an email from WYZE not very happy so far.

All your orders should be on the Wyze website, in your account, as opposed to the Wyze app.

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