Vacuum network wants a password?

Trying to set up my Vacuum and I get as far as changing to the Vacuum network "WVCR_" and get the screen select your network, with WVCR_ selected but a password box below and the cursor flashing there. The “Next” box is shaded and won’t let me click it to proceed. Where do I find that password?
Cheers all and stay safe.

I would start the setup fresh by pressing the 2 buttons on the vacuum until it says the WiFi network has been reset. There is no password for the WVCR_ network. When it is asking your to fill in that box you want your home network SSID and password there


Success! I rebooted my phone first and then shut off my data. Then I pressed the two buttons on the vacuum to reset the Wifi. Once I logged into my home Wifi, it asked me to choose the Vacuum’s wifi (WVCR_****) and then surprise, it asked me to name my vacuum. Now updating firmware. Thanks for the help.