Vacuum Moving Between Rooms

So after the first week, I’m finding the Wyze is not so wise. Seemed ok for the first few days, but then it started having difficulty getting back to base. I’ve been moving it between the two rooms (per my previous post - living room is one step down so have to pick it up and move it), and not sure if that has anything to do with it but it is definitely having trouble relocating the base. If it runs into any kind of trouble, such as getting stuck on furniture or something, it seems to be unrecoverable. I actually set it down right in front of the base station, pressed the home button, and after it voiced its intent to return home it proceeded to wander aimlessly around, unable to navigate to the base station just inches away. I didn’t reset the map, which may be the issue, but it did have the right location of the base on the map, even though the overall room map was ‘hybridized’ between the two rooms. I suppose this is not intended use, moving between rooms, but would be a very useful improvement. I’d be happy to purchase a second base station if it would allow for ease of moving between areas (such as different levels of a home).

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