Wyze vacuum is gargage

Nothing but headaches with this POS. after all the AWS issues and it started working again, today when i cleaned it did 5 minutes and returned to charging station. but now in the map, the charging station shows at the complete other side of the house and the vacuum thinks it is located there. no idea why this happened. so if i understand this POS, the only way to fix this is to wipe out map and remap again.

its getting old wyze. i have to remap more than the stupid vacuum cleans. i’ve been with u from the very first camera u released, but i am starting to think it is time to move on.

Is the vacuum on a carpet? Have you tried remapping? What point in the cleaning/place on the map does the vacuum get “lost”?

The vacuum definitely isn’t great, but please remember you purchased an early adopted, first generation product for a company who hasn’t dabbled before. I’m not saying this is acceptable, but it’s unfair to Wyze to simply throw the product to the side. I remain optimistic firmware will make the vacuum great.

Again, I understand the frustration, and I know they appreciate your loyalty. Give it some time. The community will grow with the product and provide advice when possible. I’m having issues with mapping, too. Along with docking. But it will be worth the wait!