Wyze Vacuum Relocating Station on Map

So lately when I go to do an area cleaning. The base stations location randomly moves on the map. The following screenshots are from this morning. I selected an area cleaning for “Playroom”. Immediately after the vacuum left the base station (which is in “Master Bedroom”) - the location of it mysteriously moved on the map. And the vacuum began cleaning “Master Bedroom”.

This is now going on day 2 of this happening - with area cleaning different rooms of the house . I’ve tried closing and reopening the app. I just pressed the button on the vacuum to let it run around for a minute and then return to the station (it did that just fine). I unplugged the base station. it seems to be when I’m doing an area cleaning that this is happening.

Please please don’t tell me I have to remap my house and that someone knows a work around . I really don’t want to

Here is what it looked like when I started area cleaning

And here is what it looked like when I ended the area cleaning - but. The vacuum itself never left the bedroom.

And then after restarting the app - the base station is back in the bedroom ( but when I try AGAIN - the same thing happens)