Vacuum lost my map!

The update killed my map! It’s still there inside of the map editor, but it doesn’t show up on the main screen. It asks me to start again to remap my house.

This is ridiculous! It took me 5 tries to get it to map my entire house without it resetting, missing areas, or not completing.

Try the quick-map or editing the map. This happened to me and the map came back up after I did this. It may be a recent firmware bug.

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Agree with @Brlepage. Happened to me this morning so I started the quick map, but cancelled it after 7 min to return to base mainly because it was mapping super crooked. Once it docked, the original map showed back up.

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Mine has disappeared a few times lately. Power cycle the vacuum and force close the app. It’ll come back. Also keep submitting logs when this happens if you’re on the beta app.

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Preface: Since about a week into owning the vacuum, I have to reset the map every day.

My vacuum has run twice after the app update and after each cleaning when it’s going back to charge it’ll delete the map and then it redraws it from what it can see once it docks.

I had a similar issue before the update when mine wouldn’t return home to charge. I reset the device, deleted it from the app, re-added it and named it the same thing in the app. After it fully charged. I just pressed the clean button on the vacuum (not the app) and it started cleaning. after about 10 seconds the full map appeared in the app again and I haven’t had an issue with it since.

Took a week of resetting the app and restarting the vacuum to get my map back.

What a pain.

Running beta app and firmware, never had this issue until today. Vacuum couldn’t locate itself when I started it off the base and it said can’t find map and it was gone. It showed up in the editor which was weird. Thank God for Reddit, searched on there and people said the work around that works every time is start a cleaning from the app and immediately press pause, then the map will be back. They really need to fix this.

happened to me. tried renaming the rooms and saving it. Then it re-appeared.