Android App - Robot Vacuum Map disappers

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I am experiencing an issue on my Android app related to the Vacuum Map. When I go into the app to see how the Vacuum is doing, the map will appear and then a few seconds later it disappears. Most of the time it will simply oscillate between showing the map and then not. Other times it will sequence once or twice then go back to the Device Screen. Please note, this does not appear to be a problem in iOS, only Android.

The images below shows what I see when I first go in, then the empty one is what comes next.

I sent in my logs, been vacuuming most of the day, but the latest was between 11:24 am and 11:24 am Eastern Time. Log Number is 264031.


This has not happened in quite awhile now, but my Map was starting to get messed up as well - see image. You can compare to the images above. The Vacuum was in the OFCGR room

**EDIT 2 **

In addition, notice the difference between the Vacuum load time, to get to the map, on iOS as compared to Android:




Hi @spamoni4 I created a ticket to Robot Vaccum PM. He’ll follow up.



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Please read to the end, I also think there is erroneous code in the FW or App. Could this be causing the sporadic issues.

Last night, I experienced issues while the WRV was Vacuuming my rooms. It started to have issues in the Main Bedroom. I circled the area where it started to have issues - image below. Because the it started to rotate the room, the WRV got confused. I am also attaching the load times between iOS and Android. Notice how instant iOS is and the time it takes to load the main screen on Android

Android Load TIme

iOS Load Time

I did rerun a couple of rooms last night without issue. Then I did the Main Bedroom, by itself today without issue.

Also, I wanted to point out that I had a strange occurrence today: I was going to send the Robot Vacuum to clean the master bedroom, but immediately sent it back as I forgot to empty the dust bin. When it connected to the charger, I opened the cover and removed the Bin and it stated: Two in One water tank and dust bin has been removed. This was interesting as I heard that there will be a Wyze RObot Mop or maybe an attachment to the WRV. But wanted to mention it, in case there is some erroneous code causing the sporadic issues. When I put the Dust Bin back in, it was acting correctly and not talking about a water tank (or something like that).


@WyzeHongfei , qsun indicated you were the PM of the Vacuum. Wanted to ensure you got my this thread.

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Interesting. I thought that bug had been eliminated long ago. The robot actually said “ 2 in 1 dust compartment with water tank has been removed. Do not rinse it, or immerse it in water. ” When you reinstall the bin, it probably said the usual “Dust compartment has been installed”.

If you then remove it a second time, it will likely say the usual “Dust compartment has been removed”. So my guess is it seems to be right after connecting it to the charger that it has the best chance of talking about a water tank.


Absolutely correct. That was the statement. I was surprised by this and did not remember the actual words. Yes, when I put it back in and remove it again, it did only say Dust Bin. You must have a memory like a steel trap to remember the full sentence. :grin:

I was immediate, started it for cleaning and then hit the stop button on the app before it left the docking station. you are prompted in the app, I answered Yes to the Prompt then it went back to the charger - which was right there. :slight_smile: Then when I heard the Vacuum spin down, I opened the cover and removed the bin. So it is before it stated cleaning is complete and before you got the notification.

I wanted to report it since there may be extra code in the system and if this can happen, wonder if the mapping issue is also caused by some extra code somewhere.

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I always start my middle floor runs in the kitchen where the vac is docked. When the kitchen is done and before it starts the next room, I hit pause and empty the bin. Every now and then I get the water tank removed announcement. When I reinstall the bin, I always get the dust bin announcement. No idea why I occasionally get the water tank announcement as I never do anything out of the ordinary.


Hi @spamoni4, @WyzeHongfei is the WRV PM. He will follow up on your issue.

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Appreciate it - thanks.

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