Robot Vacuum: rooms disappeared, map remains

I’ve been using the Robot Vacuum quite successfully for the month or so I’ve had it. Today, I went to use it, and the map of my house was there without any of the rooms (see picture). I can’t edit rooms to put them back because there are no rooms to edit.

I’m on Android, both a tablet and a phone with the latest non-development firmware. I tried closing the app and re-starting and had the same finding.

I really would prefer not to start over again and map the house because who knows this might happen again.

Is there any way out of this trap or do I need to remap the house? This is frustrating.

I fixed my own problem. Nothing I did with the app got the rooms to re-appear.

I went to the robot vacuum itself, and I started a cleaning cycle using the button on top of the vacuum. In about half a minute I canceled it using the buttons on the robot vacuum and had it return to base.

Then I opened the app again and the rooms were back. In fact I got one extra room named “Room 1” which is actually outside of my house beyond a sliding glass door. I don’t yet know how to delete the room, but it isn’t much of an issue because I will never select it to be cleaned.