Vacuum Ignores Room Settings and Cleans Whole House

My vacuum has stopped cleaning only my selected rooms on the schedule, and instead cleans the whole house. I have verified that the correct rooms are selected in the schedule setup. Any ideas what is wrong?

If you check the map in the app is it showing your floor plan with labeled rooms and everything? Sometimes if the robot gets lost it defaults to cleaning the whole house (which I dislike).

Does it look like that is what could have happened?

Remapping your house could fix this issue, but make sure you also reset the schedule when it’s done mapping.

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The Floor Plan & room labels look good. I deleted that schedule & then re-added it, so I’ll see tomorrow if that fixes it. If not, I will re-map the house. Thanks for your help.


Which version of the vacuum and Firmware do you have? There are a couple possibilities. Did you recently get a Firmware update?

It’s 1.6.202. This just started recently, but I did modify the room settings.

Does it just do it when you select the kitchen and stair landing, or does it do it with other room as well?

It seems to be associated with that particular schedule (although I did delete and reset it). When I manually select those two rooms, it sticks to it’s borders properly. Other room schedules work properly. I have not yet reset the map and re-mapped it, but I suspect that is what will fix it.