Robot Vaccum

I have a daily schedule (Sun - Sat 10am) for my vacuum. There were three total rooms on the map. Nine times out of ten the vacuum only runs in room one. So I wiped the map out and let it remap my house. Now I have 11 rooms. Still have the same problem. Most of the time, the vacuum will only run room 1. there isn’t anything blocking it from getting from room 1 to the rest of the house. I love it when I runs fully but this is as you might imagine rather annoying.

Check the cleaning history and see if it even tries to go to those rooms

It does not. And I got it wrong. It does all of room one, about 50% of room two and stops there as if there’s a wall.

If I manually go in and tell it to vacuum the rooms manually it will generally do so. See below from the most recent cleaning history failure

At the time of mapping was there a closed door there? Sometimes it refuses to go through a place that had a closed door at mapping, even if it displays an open door in the app.

I would try remapping with EVERYTHING open.

Sadly no door there. It’s a 42" archway. Nothing on the floor either to make it think there’s a block. The map there in the image was remapped two days ago doing exactly as you expect.

It’s a weird issue for sure

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Still continues - I had the schedule set to clean “whole map”. I removed that and set it to specify all of the rooms. Today will be the first day and we’ll how it goes.

Any dark floor areas? Also try just rooms 3 & 4 and see if it behaves differently.

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Not white but not dark brown either. It is a uniform color throughout the house though (single floor ranch where we just refloored the entire thing).

Since I’ve specifically set it to run through EVERY room on the map (instead of using ‘whole floor’) its run fine now for the last week.